Help with Lion Brand Yarn Pattern

This pattern doesn’t say it is on circs. Infact, the needles it suggests are single points. But no where on the pattern does it indicate that you need to seam this poncho together. Advice please! Should I join in the round or knit flat and seam? Thanks in advance!

Well, it’s horizontally cabled, so it would be quite difficult to knit in the round. It’s probably seamed

Der… sometimes I think my head is wrapped in yarn. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s ok. After I posted that I thought to myself, “wait…can you do cables horizontally? I wonder…”

I think I’ll stick to a clear pattern for my first try and then tackle something that I have to think about. :eyes:

You should probably try to email them & let them know it needs to say to seam it up - that’s what directions are there for - to explain what to do - you shouldnt have to assume.

It’s a beautiful pattern though - love that bright red they have it in.

Pretty! I think you can do it, no problem. I would email them about the missing instructions, though!

I just emailed Lion and told them that they should add finishing instructions (blocking, seaming…) and they should also add the needle size and type. (Although from their order box, it’s pretty clear - if you download the pattern, it’s not.)