Help with lining a purse :(

UGH! I am so frustrated its not funny. I feel like throwing a temper tantrum!! :hair:

I am having a heck of a time sewing in the liner of the purse I just knit. I’ve looked at 2 of the websites that give instructions on how to do it and then I try it and it looks awful :pout:

I want to use it soooooo badly, but I can’t until I get that darn liner in there.

Any suggestions on an EASY way to sew one in???

I would lay it out flat before seaming up, sew the lining on, and then sew it up, that work much better, and it’s much less frustrating.

Too late, I already did that and I sewed the straps on, you got any other ideas???

Thanks for trying. :hug:

Hmm, That was all I had, sorry. I’ll think and see if I can’t come up with another idea.

what’s the purse pattern?

When I make linings I sew the fabric on a machine in a box or pocket shape- depending on the shape of the bag. SO the first part of this is to be able to sew and if this is not your forte it won’t seem so easy. Once I have sewed the liner I insert it in the bag, I fold back the top edge to make it look nice and finished, pin it in place and hand stitch it with tiny over cast stitch.

If you bag is flat inside, so just length X width (NOT length X width X depth) an easy trick is to use a pillow case. Just cut the pillow case across the open side till the pocket end is the length it needs to be and slip it in then stitch it on as described above. If the bag is the right width for the pillow case this is particularly easy, but you could also cut the side off the case and re-seam the side. Actually this would probaly work for anything at least two - three inches of depth. If you choose a pretty pillow case remember to turn it inside out when slipping it into the bag so the pretty side shows.

I hope that helps.

Nope, now I’m just more confused. :doh: Forgive me, you’re right, sewing is not my fortay, but I know how to hem things, does that count??? :pout:

It’s really very simple and I know I’m overthinking the whole thing, I just want the edge that you’ll see at the top of the purse to be nice and not show the stitches. I don’t really care what the inside seams look like, it’s just the top part that’s throwing me for a loop.

sara_jayne lined all the bags she’s made; I’ll send her a PM and ask her to check out this thread.

When I sewed in the lining for a bag I made, I sewed the top part around using a whipstitch. You can see the seaming on the inside, but I did it neat enough so that it looks nice and is not visible on the outside. I’m not sure how you would to it otherwise.

Check out this bag on DIY. It’s not knitted, but they do add a separate liner and the technique is pretty simple.

Hope it helps!

Try here these might help

Okay, I have done quite a few bags and will attempt to try to explain(although I’m not very good at this).

Measure the width of your bag first and then add 1 inch to that measurement.
It looks like your bag may stretch a bit in the width so just on the safe side I would add about 1 1/2 inches.

(for example if bag is 12 inches wide then you will be cutting your lining 13 1/2 inches.)

Next, measure your depth or length and double this measurement plus add a couple of inches.
(the 2 inches gives room for err) --(if 15 in. measurement would be 32 in)

Cut your fabric and lay right sides together, sew up side seams (1/2 in side seam allowance) Turn down top 2 in. put in purse and slip st. in place around top.

I hope I haven’t added to the confusion!

I have several sites on how to line a bag, but it seems like websites aren’t helping you at all.

Is your main concern the sewing stitches showing at the top of the bag on the outside? I’ve only lined felted bags before, but I’ve sewn lables into non-felted things and I’ve been able to get the stitches to not show on the outside of the work.

I put the needle & thread through the middle of the acutal yarn, I don’t go around the whole piece of yarn. To do this I hand sew all linings into purses, I construct it with a machine, but sew it in by hand. Yes, this does take a long time, but I like the finished product better.

I’ve used clear nylon thread (that you can buy at JoAnn’s) for most of my linings, that way the stitches are even less visible. I do not use a “hem” stitch - where the stitches go in a straight line - (I don’t know what the proper term is) but I go into the lining of the purse, about 1/8" down, then go over the top of the lining into the stitches, so there is no “edge” of the lining for anything to get caught on.

I hope this helps, if not I can try explaining it some more and/or include some pictures if that would be helpful.

No, I don’t care about the outside, well I do care, but that’s turning out fine, I’m talking about on the inside of the bag at the top, where you would close it. I know you have to sew it a bit further down, but as PCwombat said she uses the whipstitch. Is that my only option??

I was thinking of folding down the top a little and the sew it from the, oh jeez this is just too hard to explain. I guess I’ll try the whipstitch and let you all know if it works to my anal retentive ways. :teehee:

Thank you Sara_Jayne, I’ll give your instructions another read to see if I can try it your way too.

:hug: :hug:

You guys are so wonderful, thank you for all of your suggestions.

Blind stitch maybe ??

Blindstitch - Work from right to left with needle pointing left. Roll hem edge back about 1/4" (6 mm). Take a very small horizontal stitch in the garment. Take the next stitch in the hem, 1/4" to 1/2" (6 mm to 1.3 cm) to the left of first stitch. Continue alternating stitches. Be careful to keep the stitches in the garment side very small, and do not pull too tightly.

I want to learn to line a purse too. I was following you, Petals, until the last part. How do I slip stitch a lining into place in a purse? What do you mean by “slip stitch”, as the only definition I know of that is for crochet.

What if you lined the purse as planned, then add a ribbon or some sort of trim to hide the stitching? Kind of give it a more finished edge?

Or what if you had the edge fold over a bit so that your stitches were under the folded edge?

Here is a site with sewing stitches hopefully these will help explain some of the stitches better.


I want to learn to line a purse too. I was following you, Petals, until the last part. How do I slip stitch a lining into place in a purse? What do you mean by “slip stitch”, as the only definition I know of that is for crochet.[/quote]

The website SJ gave explains it.

Just a p.s.–if you make a purse that has a flat bottom–keep in mind the lining material is cut and sewn differently.