Help with Lady Eleanor - Scarf Style

Has anyone made this?

I feel silly for being stuck so soon, but I have a question.

Tier 1 Rectangles

Row 1 (WS) With WS facing, pick up and purl 8 sts along selvedge of of next triangle or rectangle as follows *Insert tip of right needle under both legs of selvedge st from back to front, wrap yarn around needle pwlwise, and pull up a loop; repeat from * until 8 sts have been picked up.

This part confuses me **Sl last st picked up to left needle and p2tog. ***

Well if I do that then I am purling with a st from the next triangle which doesn’t seem right since I have to knit 8 on that next triangle in the next step.

So, I don’t know where I get the 2nd stitch for the p2tog.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?? :??

Nevermind - I think I figured that part out at least. :happydance:

Now let’s hope I can get through the rest of the pattern - I really want this to turn out nice. :heart: