Help with lace sock yo's

I am having a problem when the yo’s are at the beginning or end of a needle. Tried to move the stitches so the yo is not at the beggining or end but that works for only one maybe two of the needles. Tried multiple patterns to make lace socks but I keep dropping the yo or something. I have even tried on dpn’s and 2 circ the number of stitches increases or decreases.

I have done lace shawls and sock patterns where there are yo’s but they were in the middle of the needle. I so want to make lace socks can anyone help with this??? :shrug: There is no LYS in my area to go to for help.


What I do if I need to have a yo at the beginning of a needle, is just skip it, keep knitting, and when I come around to it on the next row, I knit into the strand between the needles (like a M1 increase, but without twisting) it does the same thing as knitting a yo. I also do this when I forget a yo on the previous row! For a yo that is supposed to come at the beginning of a needle, I think this is nicer because if I actually DO a yo at the beginning of a needle and get it to stay, after I knit it it makes a way bigger hole than I wanted and doesn’t match the other yo holes in the sock.

See if this site helps at all.: