Help with knitting two together

I’m working/playing on my hat :slight_smile: and it is time to start decreasing stitches. I was doing the first round and every time I knit two together I got a loop on the back. What am I doing to cause that???

Are you sure you’re getting both stitches in the knit two together? Other than that, it may just be the nature of the stitch. One is stretched more than the other so one will stand out more than the other.

sometimes when I’m decreasing, my yarn gets a little bunched up in the stitches. Just pull them straight, if you can.

Wow, I love this forum. You gals are SO fast answering. If I were to write to my teacher it may be a day or two. :slight_smile:
I am SURE I’m getting two stitches at a time as I do a count. What I did is I went to the back side and pulled/tugged a tad and they seem to have mostly melted in with everything else so I guess It may have been that one stitch always stretches but not sure why.
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[color=darkblue]Hi Liz,
I see your new here. I’m kinda new too. I just started knitting Saturday. I’m not even a week old and I love it here so far. So helpful.
What you suggested is what I just did and they seem to have gone down.
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well i get a little one right after i knit it but it does even back out when i do the next stitch…i would say that if it isn’t taking care of itself in the next stitch it is possible one of those stitches might be getting dropped.

It seems that just pulled down a bit on the back side cured the little loop.
Maybe I’m dropping a stitch but don’t think so. Will have to pay more attention on the next round. :slight_smile:

well it stretches because one is being “worked” harder than the other. I don’t know that i would give it too much of a tug though because it is easy to get into the habit of doing that and start knitting too tight. When you stick your needle in the next stitch and work it, it should work itself out.

as far as whether you get both stitches knitted or not, it is possible to have your work have the right count but that stitch still not be worked. Look where you have done the decreases and see if there are any little holes there (besides the stretched fabric of course) …if there is, and the little bump is still there it is possible that one of the loops may not have had the needle go through it. just watch and make sure the needle goes through BOTH stitches and one isn’t just getting pushed off from the force of working it.

if the next stitch cured it and there isn’t a hole when you get back around i would bet you are good! :thumbsup:

I have noticed that since I did that round the stitching seems a tad tighter. I know that I have been giving that first stitch when I go from one needle to another a tug to tighten it up. I wonder if I’m doing it more than I know. I better ‘relax’. :slight_smile:
I have no holes so I guess I’m doing ok.
Thanks for the tips,