Help with knitting pattern

Hello everyone,

I’m tackling my first jumper!
It’s the King Cole pattern 5376.
I’m following the sweater version (not the hoodie) of the pattern and after doing 9 rows of the ribbing it says the following:

Next row. Patt 5, p6[5:4:6:5], p2tog, (p3,
p2tog) 12[14:16:16:18] times, p6[5:4:6:5],
patt 5. 71[77:83:87:93] sts.

What it is telling me to do? I don’t understand the patt5 section and I’m assuming it says to repeat it before p2tog.

If anyone can help it will be brilliant,

Welcome to the forum!

From the photo of the crew neck it looks like k2p2 ribbing all the way along the neckband. Nine rows of rib seem like plenty before a bind off.
Perhaps these are directions for the hoodie which would have ribbing then stockinette followed by more ribbing? Ordinarily “patt” or pattern some number of sts would mean continue in the pattern you have been working on previous rows but I see no evidence for anything other than rib in the crew neck.