Help with knitting pattern from Schachemayr

I am having a problem understanding a knitting pattern from Schachenmayr. It is a Hat and Loop with Lace Pattern (Design S8636 A/B) It states in the pattern when the decrease is starting:

"When work measures …, after the 6th rnd patt, start to dec as foll …:

P the 3 P sts tog 10 times = 80 sts. Cont with st-st.
In 2nd foll rnd K2tog every 2 sts 26 times, end with K2 = 54 sts
In 2nd foll rnd K2tog every 2 sts 18 times = 36 sts
In 2nd foll rnd K2tog every 2 sts 12 times = 24 sts

I am so confused. First off, when I start the “P the 3P sts” is that in the 7th rnd or do I no longer follow the basic pattern chart?

Secondly, what is “cont with st-st”?

Thirdly, what am I to do between the “In 2nd foll rnd…”, if anything?

I so like this hat pattern but am frustrated in my inability to understand.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Yes, the P the 3P tog is round 7. After that continue in stockinette stitch (st-st).
Since this is knit in the round you would knit all rounds for stockinette including the rounds between decreases.
Pretty set!

Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes. I was excited to get started, I appreciate the quick reply.