Help with knitted cardigan instructions

Hello! I am currently knitting the harper cardigan by quail studios, its my first attempt at a cardigan and im pretty confused by the neck shaping instructions, hopefully someone can help!

The pattern says:
“K41 and turn, leaving remaining stitches on a stitch holder. Work each side seperately.
Next row: P1, P2tog, P to end. (40 sts)
Cast off”

Im pretty confused in general about which stitches go on the holder and which im knitting.

Also, what does it mean by work each side seperately?

Do I cast off all after this or just the stitches on the needles?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Sounds like you’re going to work one shoulder at a time. Knit across 41sts and place the sts remaining on the left needle on a holder. You’ll get to them later.
Turn to the purl side and follow the directions for that row including the decrease, then turn to the knit side and cast off the 40sts that you just purled.

Nice sweater what color are you using?

Thank you very much for the quick response! And thank you also for the instructions, that makes sense to me. Just one more quick question, after i have cast off those stirches, what happens with the remaining stitches from the stitch holder? :grinning:

Thank you! I am using baby pink, it’s going to be a christmas present for my younger sister.

What a lovely gift!
The next instructions should tell you what to do with the remaining sts. Usually, some sts are bound off for the center neck and then the remaining 41sts are worked like the first shoulder. A stitch would be decreased at the neck edge and a succeeding row bound off.
Check the next instructions to be sure.

That helps a lot, thank you! Ill give it a shot!

That’s going to look beautiful in baby pink she id going to have a wonderful Christmas!

Thank you very much trisha! Hopefully it all works out :smile:

Hello again!

I have followed the instructions and now have one half of the stitches on a stitch holder and the remaining half on my needles, i have P1, P2tog and P to the end.

The next part of the pattern says

" cast off.

With RS facing, slip centre 26 sts onto holder, rejoin yarn and knit to end.
Next row: P to last 3 sts. P2togtbl, P1.
Cast off"

Im not sure what stitches i am meant to be working with here, the ones on the holder only? Or the full length again, including the half i cast off before?

Thanks again

OK, so you’ve bound off or cast off the sts that you had purled. You’ll have one stitch left on the needle. Cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail and pull it through the last stitch. That shoulder is done. Yay!

Now you’re going to work with the sts on the holder. Follow the pattern directions for the center 26sts which go back onto a holder. Join a new end of yarn and knit the remaining sts (probably 41sts), turn, purl back to the last 3sts, P2togtbl, P1 then cast off that shoulder.

You should finish with two bound off shoulders on either side of the center 26 sts which are on a holder for the neck finishing.

Thank you for all your help!

Unfortunately i have encountered one more troublesome area (this is such a learning curve)

Im currently knitting the left front, the first section was straight st st until the front measured 39cm and now i am shaping the front slope, however the pattern reads

Knit to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2 (53 sts)
Working all front slope decreases as set by last row, dec 1st at end of 2nd and every following 4th row to 40 sts.

Cont straight until left front matches length of back ending with a WS row. Cast off

Assuming im getting this right, after the initial decreases i am decreasing 1stitch every 4th row, however the back measures 50cm and the front is already at 39cm, so i will be way past 50cm by the time i make all the decreases.

Am i missing something or have i misinterpreted?

Thanks again

Additionally, the diagram in the pattern shows both the back and sides measuring 74cm, i dont understand how they get to he that length as the pattern says to stop the back at 50cm and theres no further instructions that would indicate adding the extra length! Got myself all confused!

Well, it may not be you. There seems to be something wrong in the pattern at least as noted in one of the Ravelry projects:

I don’t have the pattern but you can check the front and back measurements which as you noted, should be the same. If you hold the back up to yourself and the size looks right, then complete the front to match. The distance hem to armhole should match as well as the measurement armhole to shoulder for both front and back (unless there is something tricky in the shoulder seam placement).

See how long the sweater would be if you calculate the rows needed for the front shaping compared to your row gauge. That’ll give you an idea of the cm length. If that length doesn’t make sense with the back then you may have to decrease more frequently, maybe alternating every 2nd with every 4th or maybe even decreasing every 2nd row.

Thanks for all your help, it worked! Im now two sleeves away from a lovely knitted cardigan :smile: