Help with Knit Pro interchangeable circular needles


I’m just getting into circular knitting and loving it. At the moment I’m just using the fixed needles but have bought a starter kit from Knit Pro.

I find that if I’m not careful the cables undo and my stitches end up in a pile on my knee!

In the kit there are Cable Keys?? I dont see how to use them, am I missing something?

Thanks, Jan

There should be, but you can straighten out a paperclip and use that to tighten them with.

They are in the bag with the purple caps if I recall correctly. Another thing to do in addition to the tightening key is to use something grippy to hold the needle and tighten it. I use a small piece of grip shelf liner. Like this-

Thanks for your help. I was expecting something technical and all you do is use the key to tighten the screw. I really like this site, everyone explains things so well.


Like the idea of the shelf liner too as my hands dont grip all that well. Thanks

Glad you like it! Visit often and share your projects. :thumbsup: