Help with Knit pick colors

I’m looking at Wool of the Andes yarn for a fringed pullover… I need 6 skeins of one color then 1 skein for the fold on the arms and fringe… I like warm tones like deep reds, blues, greens LOL Is Iron Ore a deep red? Is Coal pretty much black? and is spruce a deep color? I can’t decide on my body of my poncho… was gonna do deep purple and black but don’t see that color :lol:

Hope thats it Plymouth P495

Iron Ore is a more “rusty” red. If you want a DEEP red, Id go with Hollyberry. Coal IS black…Spruce is a deep green.

If you want a deep purple, go Hyacinth…its a deep, bluey, inky purple.

I was just thinking, though…if you are making a pullover, have you considered Merino Style instead? Its MUCH softer. I would only use WOTA for feltables…

Merino colors you might like are Black, Hollyberry and PINE, which I think is a nicer deep green than the Spruce WOTA, anyway.

Thank you KellyK…

can I use Merino? I don’t know how to mix yarns so I used knitpicks search for worsted 100% wool like Galaway worsted that it calls for and got WOTA I’d want the softer so if I can will do the hollyberry and black… if not then the Hyacinth and black… :thumbsup:

Yeah…Merino Style is worsted weight!

:thumbsup: Thanks Kelly!! I’ll go with that :cheering:

Actually, according to the site, Merino Style is DK weight…though some of the skeins I’ve gotten lately were very close to being worsted – the thinkness really varied from the MS I got in the past. :??

I’ve also got a knitpicks colors question! About the Wool of the Andes.

I’m going to make a felted bag, and it calls for two colors. I was thinking maybe a really rich color and then either grey or black. How grey is the Mist? And how black is the Coal? Also, what exactly is the color of the Hyacinth? On my computer, it looks dark blue, but the description says it’s purple. What kind of blue is the Winter Night and what kind of red is the Hollyberry?

Would these colors look better with the black or the grey?

I’ve got to say that their descriptions of the colors are not especially useful. And it bothers me that they describe certain colors as “men’s” colors and other as “women’s” colors.

I can answer a few of these…

Coal is pitch black. Hyacinth is definitely purple…it’s a very blue-ish purple, but it’s purple. Very vibrant and pretty. Hollyberry is burgundy – Cranberry is also burgundy but lighter and more reddish.

I’ve found the color cards to be really helpful – when you place in order and need something to push you over the $30 mark (free shipping :smiley: ) I highly recommend grabbing a few!

I always describe Hyacinth as an “INKY” purple…and the Mist is a charcoal gray. When you put Cranberry and Hollyberry next to each other, Cranberry leans toward the orange side of red. Its NOT orange, but you know how there are blue-reds and orange-reds?