Help with knit in sleeve

Hi. I’m attempting to knit a sleeve into a cardigan but not having much luck. I have ripped out about 6 times now but keep ending up with the same issue. The stitches close to the the edge where I cast them on are very holey and sloppy looking. The sleeve cap is created using short rows. I have pics of the right and wrong sides. but only seem to be able to upload 1. Any help most appreciated.

If those are the picked up stitches that you started with - Go to the last picked up stitch and pull the right leg, move to the next stitch and pull on it to move any excess yarn from the first stitch into this one, continue around until you’ve adjusted the tension in all the stitches. The excess yarn should now be part of the original tail. It can be very long.

Are you possibly picking up sts too close to the edge or picking up one leg of the edge stitch when it might be better to pick up both legs?

Thank you! I was ready to pitch the whole thing. I think this will work but I’m going to rip it out and redo the sleeve again. On a positive note, I’ve done the wrap & turns so many times, I’ve almost perfected my technique…lol. Is there a way to avoid this problem in the first place? I tried knitting into different stitches along the edge and tried to keep my stitches fairly tight but it just kept happening over and over again. BTW…I am making the Winged Knits Wethersfield cardi from Ravelry. Thanks again…Bonnie

Lovely cardi!
Don’t try to pick up srs too tightly. That can cause trouble too.
Great that you’ve got those short rows working. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

I know of no way to avoid it. I use smaller needles, I’ve picked my stitches up “backwards” to make them tighter, I still have a lot of extra yarn in that round. I saw a video which I can’t find again about this type of sleeve and in it she carried a contrasting thread along with the yarn when she picked up the stitches to make it easier to go back and tighten the picked up ones. I do that now. I find German short row double stitches are easier and faster for me and they show less than w&t. Whatever works for you is what you should do!

Thanks again! I tried the German short rows…wow a lot easier but I’m still struggling with the picked up stitches. I’ll try the contrasting thread if I can figure it out. Think I’ll stay away from this type of sleeve in the future.

I found that video!!! I like doing sleeves this way. They might not be your thing. I had a serious learning curve and there are still things I’m learning about it.

Thanks, the video is great and I gave it a try but with little success :frowning: Still had problems finding the tail yarn and by the time I finally got to the end, my stitches were as big as when I first started. Like you said, it’s a learning curve. I’m nothing if not stubborn so I will give it yet another try! I’m going to wear out my yarn! Will let you know.

Would it help to try this on a swatch? That way you woudn’t be wearing out your project yarn.
If you’re using knitting needles to pick up the sts you might see if a crochet hook makes this all easier and perhaps avoids the holes.