Help with knit cardigan pattern directions


Hello , cannot figure out the following to shape collar: rib to marker m1 slm. Pattern to end of row. Work 3 rows even in pat taking increase stitches into ribbing. Rep last 4 rows 19 times more. 99 stitches. My question when do I increase ?? And where ?? Thanks


Do you have a link or a name of the pattern because it is easier to help if we can see the pattern you are using.

#3 Here is the link to the pattern. Thanks for your help Debbie


I have not forgotten you I am just trying to understand the instructions so I can give you a proper reply


It looks like you have 15 st of ribbing before the marker. The M1 stitch needs to be made right before the marker and will be added to the ribbing on the rows after it. So…

Row 1: K1 (p1, K1) 7 times. Heres your increase: M1. Then slip the marker. Your increase ahould be on the rib side of the marker. Then continue the moss stitch pattern to the end of the row.

Row 2: work the moss stitch pattern to the marker. Slip marker. (K1, p1) 8 times

Row 3: (K1, p1) 8 times. Slip marker. Work moss stitch pattern to the end of the row.

Row 4: same as row 2.

This is where it gets complicated…row 5 will be another increase row similar to row 1. BUT when you come back on row 6, the stitch you created will be a purl stitch (to keep with the ribbing pattern) after the marker. Increases will be on rows 1, 5, 9, 13, etc until you have increased to 99 stitches. The added rib stitch will alternate between knit (rows 2, 10, 18, etc) and purl (rows 6, 14, 20, etc).

Please let me know if this helps. I don’t have any other knitters around to see if it makes sense to them. If I’ve further confused you, I apologize.


Thanks Metylda that is what i got out of it i just had a problem writing that all down in a way that PhotoMom6984. Would understand .


Thank you both for helping me sort this out. This was exactly the guidance I was looking for. Will keep you updated if I have further questions Debbie