Help with kids socks

I am new to knitting socks and presently have childs sock started, cast on 56 stitches, divided on 4 needles with 14 stitches on each needle and am now ready to do the heel flap, turn heel and gusset but am confused as to how to proceed. Any help would be SOOOOO appreciated. Thanks

Hi, This is not a hard thing to do. It’s just getting the hang of it that can confuse you at first.
You will be using 3 needles now. I would put 28 st’s ( your heel stitches) all on one needle, then work back and forth on that needle for the flap. While I am doing that I usually have the instep st’s on two needles (14 on each needle) That is more comfy for me, they just hang out on those needles until I have the heel flap all done. After I have the heel flap, I then change and have 14 st’s on #1 needle, 28 st’s on needle #2(instep), 14 st’s on needle #3. The two needles with 14 st’s are the heel side. You should start each round between needles #1 &#3.
Also, The place you started your round is always the begining of each round.
I hope you can understand this and it helps you out.
Happy knitting,