Help with keeping this on my shoulders

Hi all, just finished (well a couple of weeks ago, actually) this shrug, but I find that it wants to slip off my shoulders. Any thoughts on how to keep it on? I’m thinking about sewing in some elastic around the bind off edge of the neck ribbing. Do you think this might work?

That is beautiful! If it is wool then you might want to try reblocking it smaller.

If you opt for the elastic, I would tend to put it through the stockinette sections above each set of ribbing because the weight of the ribbed part would tend to overstretch thinner elastic thread.

Another fun option might be to play with adding two I-cord ties midway across each shoulder. You could tie them, or just the added weight dangling might keep the shrug up higher on your shoulders.

Thanks for the suggestions. It’s made from acrylic yarn, so no blocking…I thought about ties, too, just unsure on where/how to attach them.