Help with KB1

Great site. I will get a lot of use out of it I am sure. Thanks for spending your time to help people who knit and have questions. This is wonderful.

Hi, I am new to the community but not new to knitting. I have been knitting since I was 26. I have done sweaters, lace baby dresses, cable stitches, aaron knits, baby booties and hats, all kinds of knitting. I have even made a doll. It is a clown and I made it for my sister. My step daughter now gets a hug from her father every time she feels homesick, because I made her a rather large afghan. I created a pattern for a toy for a baby, which goes with a baby blanket when finished. I keep a small album in my knitting bag. It is called my Brag Book and has pictures of all the things I have knit. If someone is trying to decide what they want me to knit, I whip out the Brag Book and show them what some of these things look like when finished.

This site is wonderful. I now know that if I run into trouble there are many fine people willing to help me out of my jam. How do you all do that so much and so well, what with all the time spent knitting?

Thanks Amy for this wonderful site. I have marked in as My Favs and I am sure I will use it a LOT!!!