Help with K2 (yfwd) twice

I am getting ready to start my first sweater which has lace work. I understand most of the instructions except for the K2 (yfwd) twice. Can someone help me.

That means knit 2 while holding the yarn in the front of the work, like where you hold your yarn if you are about to purl.

Hmm :thinking:

I interpret that as K2 then YO twice.

I would expect to see “yfwd, K2” to get Kelly’s interpretation …

Soooo … Hmm … PBystrak? Does the pattern have holes in it??


I going to have to agree with Kelly…knit 2 with yarn in forward position :thinking:

Ive never seen a YO called a yfwd… :?? and, if you were YOing twice, wouldnt the only possible purpose be an elongated st? :thinking:

Yep :wink: That’s why I’m wondering if the pattern is holey … :thinking:

:mad: well then, why wouldnt they just SAY YOx2??? :mad:
[size=2]Those stupid pattern people![/size]

I agree with ya! :wink: They should say YOx2. But I could be wrong in my interpretation ya know :oops:

Hey PBystrak?? Where are ya?? Can we get some more pattern details please? Is the pattern online so we can take a looky-peek? :mrgreen:


The pattern is not on line. The sweater does have holes in it it is a lace pattern. The next row does say to k1 p1 in the yfwd.

Can you post a link to the pattern?

Darn! :frowning: I wish it were online. Hey is the “K2 (yfwd) twice” followed by a purl st by any chance??? :?? Sorry I can’t be of more help. It would just be a lot easier to offer suggestions if we could see the pattern so that we can see the “K2 (yfwd) twice” in context. :frowning:

Actually the pattern repeats this instruction. I list the instructions later as the pattern is home and I’m at work. It seems to be using this to increase the stitches since you end up with more stitches than when you started. It is a lacework pattern and a picture of it can be found at Unfortunately you can’t see the instructions. :doh:

Here are the instructions for knitting the sleeves.

Cast onf 30 sts loosely.

1st row: (RS). *K2. (yfwd) twice. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2. 58 sts.
2nd row: *P2. (P1. K1) into double yfwd. Rep from * to last 2 sts. P2.
3rd row: K1. *Sl1. K1. psso. (yfwd) twice. K2toget. Rep from * to last st. K1.
4th row: As 2nd row.
Rep 3rd and 4th rows for Open Rib Pat.
Cont in Open Rib Pat until work from beg measure 5 ins ending on a 4th row of pat.

Here is a link to the picture of the sweater :XX: :XX:

Yeah…it DOES sound like its talking about a “wrap”. I think you may want to play with it on some scrap yarn until it looks like the openwork in the pic of the sweater…

Everything is a learning experience! :wink:

Yep, I’d play with some scrap yarn first too! Row 2 looks like practice may be in order. Also when it comes time to do the real thing, consider using a life line so that if you make a mistake, fixing it won’t be too much of a problem. :thumbsup: