Help with k 1 p1

hi can anyone help i am knitting a baby hat th start of the pattern says r1-r10 (k1 p1)accross.
do i Change to p1-k1 on r2 or carry on k1 p1. i seem to keep messing up half way through

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If it’s an even number of stitches, you’d just repeat k1p1 across for rows 2-10. When you turn after row 1, that last purl stitch will look like a knit stitch at the beginning of row 2. (If it’s an odd number of sts, yes you’ll change to p1k1.)
Really the best way to learn this is to look at the stitches and if the next stitch looks like a V, knit it and if it looks like a bump or loop, purl it.
Take it slowly and repeat k1p1 all the way across the row and you should be fine.

do you think im dropping a stitch messing up then. thanks for above

I was thinking that you might be doing 2 knits or 2 purls and getting off track that way but dropping a stitch would also do it. Another possibility is an accidental yarn over. If you bring the yarn [I]over [/I]the needle instead of [I]between[/I] the needles when you switch from knits to purls or vice versa, you can add an extra stitch and that’ll throw off the pattern.

Make sure you have the right number of stitches; you might have cast on 1 too many or too few, or added an extra loop when changing from knit to purl.

now im confused i knitted my hat yesterday and finished it with your help thank you. now im doing scratch mitts. it says

CO 28 stitches

Continue in K1, P1 seed stitch for 12 rows.

would i change from p1 k1 on row 2.
i carried on k1 p1 coz its a even number but im judging my self as my pattern is looking different from the picture

does anyone have any patterns that are really easy to follow i want to make a hat, scratch mitts and booties or socks. yesterday was the first thing i have ever knitted but finding pattern reading far to complected

Don’t be discouraged with pattern reading. Like learning a foreign language, it gets easier as you go on. You’ve already learned about k1p1 ribbing and completed a hat so great success so far!
For seed stitch, you’re going to do just the opposite of ribbing when you get to row 2. For an even number of sts, you’ll end row 1 with a purl, turn and begin row 2 with a purl. Your pattern for row 2 is p1k1. Again it helps to look at the next stitch on the left needle. For seed stitch, if it looks like a V, purl it and if it looks like a loop or bump, knit it. This’ll give you the nice bumpy look of seed st instead of the aligned columns of ribbing.

For seed stitch over an even number, do p1 k1 on alternate rows. You’ll see that you knit the purl sts and purl the ones that look like knits and that keeps you in pattern.

For some reason in seed stitch, a knit stitch will often look like a purl stitch. Right before you work the stitch, though, you can pull it down a bit. This will help you see whether it’s a knit or a purl. Then do the opposite stitch on top of it!

Welcome to knitting and KH, by the way, and good luck with your projects.

so basically if i keep the pattern the same its ribbing if you change from the rows its seed stich. am i right?
how do you work out whether to seed or rib if the pattern doesn’t say and just says k1 p1. THANKS EVER SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP

The easiest way to remember it is:
If your’e doing ribbing, whatever you did in the previous row at that stitch (knit or purl) do that again.
If you’re doing seed stitch, whatever you did (knit or purl) in the previous row, do the other thing.

As for how to work out if it’s a rib or not, if the pattern doesn’t tell you (which would be rare, I would think) just follow what it [I]does[/I] tell you to do on that row. After you’ve done that for 2 or 3 rows, you should be able to see what you’ve got. If it’s a rib, it’ll be obvious.

And if you still can’t work it out, then just call the pattern writer an idiot and do it how YOU want to! :mrgreen:

Yes, you’ve got the difference between ribbing and seed stitch figured out. The pattern should tell you what your stitch pattern is, rib, seed stitch, or something else. You’re off to a great start learning to read knitting.

Even if the pattern doesn’t say that it’s ribbing or seed stitch, there’s usually a picture so you can tell the difference between them.

well iv knitted a baby hat and scratch mitts in 2 days. they are really neat and look great but i mess up on seaming now:mad:
if anyone has any good web links to help. they look wearable but would like to do it properly.

Check out the videos on our Tips page, there’s one for mattress stitch under Finishing.

I did NOT know that section was there. I’ve been to that page before, but never scrolled that far down I guess. I could’ve definitely used that video when I was working on Sir Stanley Cluck… (The Hockey Chicken). Thank you! :notworthy:

There’s lots of ‘hidden’ gems around here. If you go through the Glossary page, there’s a lot of videos for some terms or stitches that I don’t believe are under any of the other headings. We don’t call it ‘knitting help’ for nothin’ ya know…

Well it was a co-worker that pointed me to you to begin with, but it was the content that kept me coming back.

I recently discovered Knitting Help’s youtube channel, some things are easier for me to find there.