Help with instructions

can someone tell me what this means?
next row(increase): Rib 4(3-3-5-4)inc in next st. rib 8(6-7-5-6) rep fromtolast 5(4-4-6-5)sts,inc in next st,rib to end 50(56-62-68-74)sts,

Welcome Jo!

It sounds like they want you to work increases here and there, in your (probably last row of) ribbing.

Here’s what it sounds like they want you to do:

Work in ribbing (knit and purl stitches alternating, like k1, p1, or k2, p2) for the specified number of stitches. That is, for 4 stitches, or for one of the numbers in parentheses. These numbers correspond to different size garments, so choose the number for the size you’re making. After ribbing that many stiches, begin the repeated pattern (indicated by the “*”). The repeated pattern is *increase a stitch (use the increase they tell you, or any one you want, like M1T) then rib for 8 stitches (or one of the other specified number of stitches). Repeat this until you have 5 (4, 4, 6, or 5) stitches left on the left needle. Then increase a stitch and rib to the end. If you’ve done it correctly you will have 50 (56-62-68-74) stitches on the needle when you’re done with the row.

Hope that clarifies it for you!

Thank you so much

my pattern says keeping pattern correct bind off 1 stitch at beginning of next 2 rows
next row k1 sl 1 k1 psso work in pattern to last 3sts.,k2tog,k1
next row p2, work to last 2 sts. p2
repeat the last 2 rows until 26 sts, remain . I don’t understand what they want as I have 74 sts. on my needle now. Can anyone please help me again? thank you so much, as I am trying to teach myself to knit.

What part(s) do you need clarification on? (I could explain the whole thing, but there’s a lot there, so it would be good if you could narrow it down.)

I think it the row that says p2, work to last 2 sts, p2 I don’t know what they mean by work I have 74 st on needle I did the first row and had 34 sts. left then did the second row and only had 12 sts left. the pattern says I should have 26sts left. thank you so much, I feel so dumb

Okay, we’ll go row by row:

I’ll assume you have 74 sts before any of these instructions.

keeping pattern correct Work in the same pattern you’ve been doing up until now. You’ll want it to line up with the rows below, so you’ll need to begin it differently every row, to accomodate the stitches you’ll be decreasing on the ends. I’ll assume this pattern is one that leaves you with the same number of stitches, and any decreases worked in it are balanced by increases.

bind off 1 stitch at beginning of next 2 rows Bind of 1 stitch, work in your usual pattern to the end of the row. On the next row, bind off 1 stitch, and work to the end of that row. “Work” just means knit it, and purl it, or whatever, in the same repeated pattern you’ve been doing. So, you’ve done these two rows, and you’ll now have two less stitches. [72 stitches left]

*next row k1 sl 1 k1 psso work in pattern to last 3sts.,k2tog,k1 You’re doing knit 1, “slip, knit, pass” (a single decrease, SKP on the website), then NO MORE DECREASES–unless this is part of your pattern stitch–until the end of the row, when you have 3 stitches left. Then: k2tog, k1. [You’ve decreased 1 stitch at the beginning, and one at the end, of the row. 2 decreases total. 70 stitches left]

next row p2, work to last 2 sts. p2 No decreases in this row [70 sts]

repeat the last 2 rows until 26 sts, remain. I’ve put in a *. Repeat those last two rows (from the *). Unless your pattern stitch calls for a decrease, you’re only decreasing two stitches, once every other row. This is the same rate of decrease as the decrease sampler on the decrease page; your garment will slope in at a 45% angle on both sides. At this rate, it should take you 44 rows to reach 26 stitches! You’re decreasing only at the ends of the rows, not in the middle at all. It sounds like when you tried this, that you were repeating the decrease over and over across the row, which doesn’t appear to be the intention.

I hope this does the trick for you!

Thank you I tried that and it didn’t work either.I don’t think I explained it right. The pattern is a sweather I’ve done the back up to the shape armhole heres what I’ve done row 1 knit
row2 k3 p2 *k4 p2rep from *to last 3 sts k3 row 3 k2,c2r,c2l,k2 repfromto end row4 purl. all of this is done I did this till it measured 9 inches heres the part
I can’t figure out { heres where I now have 74 sts on my needle]
keeping pattern correct bind off 1sts. at beginning of next 2 rows
next row k1, sl1, k1, psso, work in pattern to last 3 sts. k2tog, k1
next row p2,work to last 2sts.p2
rep the last 2 rows until 26 sts remain ending with the wrong side row
next row k1,sl 1, k2 tog,psso, work to last 4 sts.k3tog,k1
next rowp2 work to last2sts.p2bind off remaining 22 sts. anyway I know this is long but it’s the row under the armhole directions I can’t understand where it says p2 work to last2sts,p2 I don’t know what they want where they say work to can you understand what they want?