Help with instructions - forwards and backwards

Hi, I’m not exactly new to knitting but I’m not too great at it.
I am trying to knit some bed socks and part of the pattern reads:

1st row K32 TURN
2nd row K16 TURN
Work 50 rows in garter stitch on these 16 sts

I have done the turns and have been told that I need to keep knitting forwards and backwards on these 16 sts until I have knitted the 50 rows. However, I am so very confused and have no idea how to do this as I can’t seem to find any videos on how or what forwards and backwards means.

I would truly appreciate any help/clarfication on how I can do this. If it helps, my 16 sts after I have turned are currently on my right hand needle.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
You don’t need to think about knitting forwards and backwards. Keep working the 16sts as usual. Turn at the end of a row and work across the next row until you’ve completed the 50 rows.

There is a way of knitting backwards which is convenient when you are working a small number of sts on a large project like a sweater or even a blanket using entrelac for example. You don’t turn at the end of a row and you don’t have to move a large project into position after a turn. You can do this for something small like a sock, but it’s not really necessary.

Thank you so much! That really helps :slight_smile:

The only time I ever knit backward is when making bobbles on large items. To me there is no point in turning a 5-foot wide shawl to purl 3 stitches in the middle of a row and turn it again to finish the bobble. In addition, there are dozens of repeats to the pattern not just one. Much easier to knit those stitches backward and then continue on.

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