Help with instruction

I am working a sweater on circular needles. The instructions are to work across until the piece reaches 8.25" ending with RS facing. Work 50 stitches of Right Front, place these sts onto a holder; BO 21 sts of side panel, work across 95 sts of Back, BO 21 sts of side panel, work 50 sts of Left Front and place these sts onto a holder. Continue as est on Back until piece measures 15.25".

My question: how do I work on the center back portion once both side panels are on holders. I assume I must start a new ball of yarn for this but how do I do that in an established row without another yarn end to attach it. Help :??

Yes, in order to continue on with the directions for the back, you need to start a new ball of yarn. Doing this is much simpler than you might think! Determine if your next back instruction row is a right side row or a wrong side row, then just start working with the new yarn. This is what I do: work the first stitch with the new working yarn – it will seem VERY loose at this point. Then, take both the new working yarn AND the yarn tail and work the next 3 or 4 stitches with both yarn ends. This way you weave in that end by knitting it in (ie. you don’t have to weave that tail in at the end) and you avoid that really loose edge where the new yarn was started.

Knitqueen, that was a nice tip about weaving in the old yarn tail at the end. I’ve never done that before. I wish I would’ve read this a few hours ago when I started a new ball of yarn… :doh:

Thanks for the tip! I have used this method when I attach a new ball of yarn. It just weaves right into the pattern and you can’t even see it.

I couldn’t tell what to do with this because it appears that the row is continuous from the right front through the binding off of the side panels and into the left front panel. So, Even if the yarn is not “broken” I can just start a new ball where I left off at the back? It will be a wrong side row that I will start with for the back. So, after I complete the back, I will attach new yarn for the right front and then the left front?

I will say that I have a couple of other questions about shaping the neckline, but I will save that for when I get there :wink: So, ladies, your work is not done yet. You are my lifeline :heart:

Ooops! The pattern doesn’t allow for a previous yarn tail. I had to work across the entire row, binding off at the arm-hole insert areas, and breaking (I assume) the yarn at the end of the row on the left front side. The right and left fronts are placed on holders and the back is then to be worked to the shoulder edges. So, do I just start a new ball of yarn without another “tail” to entwine it with? How will that keep from pulling loose? This pattern looked so simple :wink: Those are the ones that get ya!

The way I described it above does not involve an already existing yarn tail. You start off with the new ball, knit one stitch with it, then the next 3 or 4 knit in the tail of the same new ball of yarn to weave it in. It will not be loose if you do it this way.

Does that answer your question?

Absolutely! I got a little confused–but it is much clearer now. Thanks!