Help with increasing

I’m working on a pattern for some fingerless gloves and am up to increasing for the thumb gusset the pattern reads as follows

K1, inc one st by working (p1, k1) both in the next st, inc one st by working (k1, p1) both in the next st, work to the end of round

How do I do these increases? Is there a web page that explains how to do these?
any help would be great. Thanks!

Maybe they meant kfb, (knit in the front and the back of the same stitch)?

I’ve not come across an instruction to k1, p1 into the same stitch before.

You could p and k into the same stitch. Purl as normal but don’t slide it off, then bring the yarn to the back and knit into the same stitch and then slide it off.

Do just as is written, purl into the st, but don’t remove it from the needle, then knit into the same st, remove sts, and u will have your increase. Are you doing the cabled gauntlets from Knitty Gritty?