Help with increasing the size on a pattern!

Hello Amazing Knitters!
I am puzzled aver how to make the size larger than what the pattern says. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Larger in what way? Circumference? Length?

You could follow the largest pattern but use a heavier yarn and larger needle. That would end up larger without having to recalculate the pattern.

The 2x size is 50 in the bust and I am 51.5! Not sure if this is significant enough to recalculate or would it be ok?

You know, why don’t you measure a similar item you have that you like the fit of. You may find that it’s actually slightly smaller than you measure. An inch or 2 less is often a better fitting sweater or top than one that’s the same size or larger. I think you’ll be fine either making it in the largest size as is, or with the next size larger needle (which could make it too big for you). I measure about 45" and make my tops with 2-4" negative ease (smaller) and they fit very nicely without doing any waist shaping.