Help With Increasing in rib

Hello everyone. I am new to this knitting scene. I hope to make a alot of online friends as well as getting so well needed help with projects I seems to get stuck on.
Here I go with a question already. I am working on a double breasted nautical style sweater coat for my daughter and the pattern for the sleeves instructs me to continue in rib pattern (k2, p2 rib) and at the same time increase and work into pattern 1 stitch at each end of that particular row. How in world do i do that? :thinking:

Hi and welcome!

There’s no way to keep the ribbing perfect if you’re increasing a stitch at a time, right? Along the seam line you’ll have parts where there is only one knit or one purl, depending on where you’re at in the pattern. Don’t worry about it. As you work the increases, they’ll look like the ribs are emerging from the seam line.

I think I get it . It just looks like the more I increase the bigger the seam gets. It just looks like one huge gusset