Help with increasing a blanket patten. Please help

I hope someone can help and save a lot of brain ache. I am quite new to knitting, just knit the odd thing here n there, I have been off work for a while due to long term sickness and decided to take up knitting again. I have found a pattern in a book for a blanket that I wanted to follow. I however want to make it bigger, currently measures 100cm and wanted to make it 150cm wide. I have absolutely no idea how to do this, I thought it would be simple but after a lot of trying and trying to work things out I really don’t know what I am doing and keep ruining the patten in it. I know the obvious answer would be increase size of yarn and needles but I want to keep wool and needles the same. The patten is as follows-
Cast on 175 sts
Knit 5 rows
Row 1. (Rs) k7, [p1,k7], to last 8 sts, p1,k7
Row 2. K3,p3, [k1,p1,k1,p5] to last 9 sts, k1,p1,k1,p3,k3
Row 3. K5, [p1,k3] to last 6 sts, p1, k5
Row 4. K3, p1, [k1, p5, k1, p1] to last 3 sts, k3
Row 5. K3, p1, [k7, p1] to last 3 sts k3
Row 6. Same as row 4
Row 7. Same as row 3
Row 8. Same as row 2
Keep going till long enough, the knit 5 rows

Then the other side, the second blanket (it’s a reversible one) is -
Cast on 175 sts
K 5 rows
Row 1. (Rs) k3, [p1, k7] to last 4 sts, p1, k3
Row 2. K3, [p7, k1] to last 4 sts, p1,k3
Row 3. K5, [p1, k7] to last 10 sts, p1, k9
Row 4. K3, p5, [k1, p7] to last 7 sts, k1, p3, k3
Row 5. K7, [p1, k7] to end
Row 6. K3, p3, [k1,p7] to last 9 sts, k1, p5, k3
Row 7. K9, [p1,k7] to last 6 sts, p1, k5
Row 8. K3, p1, [k1,p7] to last 3sts k3
Keep going till long enough then knit 5 rows

I’m using Aran wool and size 4.5mm circular kneedles. Just as I said I wanted to make it bigger by an extra half, thereabouts 150cm but don’t want to change wool or kneedle size. I really hope someone can help. As I said I’m new to knitting and really don’t know how I would do it without ruining the patten. Hope there is someone that can help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, it appears that the repeat in the pattern is based on multiple of 8sts.

If you are supposed to CO 175 sts to get 100cm, but you want 150cm you would need to CO 50% more sts (87.5 MORE sts).

You can’t CO half a stich and you need a multiple of 8 so, either CO 80 or 88 more sts and you should be good to go.

The repeated stitches in the pattern add up to 8 on each row, so you need to add in multiples of 8. 88 works to make it nearly exactly 50% larger.

Hi and welcome. Wow, what a project. Cast on 255sts for the front and for the back and you’ll make a blanket that is ~50% bigger. Please do post a picture of the finished blanket if you’d like.

Wow, can’t believe how quick a reply I got! It seems so simple now :confused: well as I said I have only ever really knitted stocking stitch, never ever followed a pattern before (I’m only 24) but off work for long term sick and started knitting again the other day, used to knit with my nan when I was young. Found this pattern and loved it so been practising all day, thank you all so much for your help. Once it is done ill definitely post a picture but at the rate I have been going today you might have to give me a few months/year to finish haha. Thanks again and going to get started in the morning. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hm I have just had a thought an it could be simply because my pain medication has made me quite thick but had a thought. I’m currently practising with 71 sts just to see if I can do the patten but that isn’t a multiple of 8, am I just being silly and not thinking about it? I did originally cast on 69 sts but had to add 2 more for the pattern to work. Sorry for all the questions

The stitch repeat is 8, but there’s also a few sts before and after it, so you need a multiple of 8 plus 15. Subtract 15 from 71 and you have 56 which is a multiple. Sometimes it’s easier without doing the extra math if you just take the original CO stitches and add the increments of the multiple. So take the 175 and add another 56, 64, 72 or 80 and there you go.

It’s a good thought. The repeat is 8sts but the pattern is really a nultiple of 8+15 (or variations on that multiple). So 71 sts is 8x7=56 and with the +15, that’s your 71. You’re on your way!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me!