Help with Increases on Raglan sweater

I am making a top down baby raglan sweater and I need to do increases all around the yoke. I’m not sure which kind of increase to do? I know that they all look different when completed, but what would those of you with more experience suggest?

How are the increase rows written? Usually you do a double inc at 4 points where the sleeves meet the back and front. That could be kfb, kfb or m1, k1 m1 or k yo k into just one stitch.

The pattern says this on Row 9: K4(that’s for the front band), *increase in next st, K2, *repeat between stars across, end K4 (again for the band).
Then on Row 13 it says: K4, *increase in next st, K3 *repeat across, end K4.

Alright, that tells you which one to do. Increase [B]in[/B] a stitch is always [I]kfb[/I] because the other increases are done between sts and don’t use one to make the increase.

I don’t know why some of the increases that lift a leg or a back bump of a stitch couldn’t be considered to be in the stitch. They use part of the stitch and would keep the stitch count like a kfb would.

That is true, but those aren’t as commonly known and aren’t quite the same as increasing [I]in the next stitch[/I]. I think of them more like a m1 inc because they’re not technically in the next st on the needle, but in the stitch below the one on the needle.

Thanks for your help! I forgot to tell you that I’m also going to be changing colors on some of these increase rows. Would that make any difference in the type of increase I use?

Since the pattern wants you to kfb (inc in next st) no it shouldn’t make a difference.