Help with Illustrator Posy Bag Pattern

Hello, I’ve ripped this out three times and have come to the conclusion that I need help, so will some kind soul out there, please, please help me.

These are the directions, they are to make eyelets on the top of a bag for a draw string to go through. There are 136 stitches on the needle.

(RS) K4 *K2tog, yo twice, ssk, K10. Repeat from * 5 times more. K2tog, yo twice, ssk, K34, K2tog, yo twice, ssk, K6.

Should this make 8 eyelets or 7? I believe it should make 8. Yet, if it does then the directions on how to thread the strap make even less sense to me.

They read: Thread strap through eyelets entering from RS to WS on the 5th hole and exiting WS to RS through the same eyelet.

Don’t you need an odd number if you want the thread to exit and enter from the same hole?

A picture of the bag is here:

If anyone has made this bag or knows where a photo of the top or back of the bag can be found I would really appreciate it. I think if I could just see the back or top of the bag it would really help me.

Thank you all,