Help with icelandic pattern jumper

I am currently making the adult brown/blue sweater on this pattern:

I am just about to start the yoke but I don’t understand what it means by begin l men’s in the middle of the pattern (chart 2A). I am making the large mens but I don’t know how to start the pattern, do I start it at the beginning of the chart or where it says begin L men’s.

Start the pattern for the yoke from the box indicated as “begin L man’s”. Work to the left side of the chart and then continue with the beginning (right side) and work the full chart.
What a great looking sweater, in all its sizes!

So I do the pattern right to left? And what about the repeat section?

Yes, since you’re working in rounds, work from the right.
The chart is actually 2 identical 16sitch repeats as far as I can tell. So you could keep doing the repeat section or start at the right edge of the chart as you knit the round.