Help with hat pattern instructions

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone could help me understand where I am going wrong with the following instruction: P2 [6:3:7:16:4], p2tog, (p6 [10:10:18:30:10], p2tog) 10 [6:7:4:2:8] times, p2 [6:2:7:14:4]. 75 [79:83:91:93:97]sts.

I have 86 stitches at the moment and cant work out how to take this down to 75 with this instruction

Thanks so much

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For the smallest size the instructions become:
P2, p2tog, (p6, p2tog) 10 times, p2.
P2, p2tog goes from 4sts to 3sts
(p6, p2tog) repeated 10 times goes from 80sts to 70sts
p2. no change from 2 sts.

So there is a decrease of one stitch before the repeat, a decrease of 10sts upon finishing the repeat for a total of 11sts decreased.
It may help with instructions like these for multiple sizes if you circle or highlight the instructions that are for your size.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you so much, this has completely clarified it, Iā€™m so grateful!
The pattern is Sirdar 1926 sweater hat and blanket

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Thanks for the pattern information. The set looks adorable.