Help with hat decreases please

Hello lovely Knittinghelp people

I’m in the process of knitting this rather easy Fisherman’s Rib Hat pattern ( and I’m about to reach this part:

[B]With medium blue heather knit rib for 8 rows decreasing for 7 sts in each odd row. [/B]

My question is, in the context of a hat, what’s the best way to actually do these decreases? I mean, should I do k2tog for example? And where in the row should I do the decreases.

Any advice would be great. Many thanks!

It looks like they are just using a decrease like k2tog. You would space the decreases as evenly as possible over 48sts (knit 5, k2tog until the last 6sts, k4, k2tog). In the following odd rows, the number of sts between the k2tog decreases by one.
Here are some instructions for doing decreases in pattern that may help and some definition of terms.
Even though the resulting pattern looks the same, the stitch that’s actually used for this hat is the brioche stitch which is done with yo’s and slip sts. Fisherman’s rib is done by knitting into the stitch below.
Vary pretty pattern. Enjoy finishing it up.

That is brilliant advice.

Thank you!

That’s a nice hat and the cowl is great, too. On size 11 needles, these would make quick Christmas or birthday gifts.

Yes I’ll be making the cowl soon, and they’re both a gift as you say :slight_smile:

I prefer this method of making a Fisherman’s Rib, vs “knit one below”. This method is quicker cos you’re only knitting half the stitches :smiley:

Hello again, and apologies for yet another question :slight_smile:

Following the great advice above, I’ve finished knitting the hat. I did the decreases as mentioned, and I’ve now ended up with 20 live stitches and a piece that looks like this:

I’m assuming that the live yarns are the crown of the hat, and the two edges need to be seamed together to finish the piece.

To finish, the last instruction is:

Cut yarn, leaving a 10" (25 cm) tail. Pull through remaining sts and secure.

I’m not entirely sure what to do? I’ve only ever done simple knitting projects, most of which end up with traditional casting off. I don’t think I’m meant to do that with this hat.

Thank you Very Much for any advice :slight_smile:

Cut the working yarn, leaving about about a 16-18 inch tail and thread the tail onto a tapestry needle. Now pass the sts off the knitting needle and onto the tapestry needle one at a time until all the sts are on the yarn tail. Pull this tight to gather the sts at the crown and fasten it with a small knot through several of the sts. You can now use the yarn and tapestry needle to stitch the seam on the hat from the crown down.
Great color and lovely work on the hat!

Cut the yarn, probably need more than 10" though, 12-15" is good. Then thread the tail through the sts on the needle like a drawsring and sew up the edges.

Thank you both. Do I thread the yarn from the first stitch back, or from the last stitch to the front (if that makes sense)?

Sorry for all the questions, all this is very new (and exciting!) to me!

As an aside, I wish the site would recognise that I already own the iPhone app :stuck_out_tongue:

Go from right to left just like you do when you’re knitting. :thumbsup:

Ok, finally got round to finishing it off (and darning all those loose ends etc!)

Thanks a lot for all your help, and I’m sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath as to what it looks like.

So, without further ado, here’s some pictures of yours truly wearing the hat. (I gotta point out that it’s a gift for a lady friend :p)

Thank you for your help and advice! I’m sure I’ll be back again when I start making the cowl :stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo! Excellant work on a beautiful hat. What yarn did you use for this lovely gift?

Thank you kindly!

I used Twilley’s Freedom Spirit Chunk. The shade is “dream” which you can see in more detail here

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the pattern calls for 2 different colours yarn but I don’t know how to change yarns yet so I just use one shade instead :stuck_out_tongue:

That came out great! Good work.

Good job!

I hope you all don’t mind me asking for some advice again :slight_smile:

It’s on to the Cowl now, and I’m wondering what you’d advise regarding the increases required here:

With pale blue heather knit stocking stitch for 30 rows increasing for 4 sts in each odd row.

I’m very comfortable with the “knit front and back” increase, and looking at the videos here I think I can manage the other increases.

What would be the most suitable one in your opinions please? And also where in the row should I make the 4 stitches.

Thank you kindly.

I’m a big fan of KRL and KLL (knit right loop and knit left loop) on the videos tab but if you’re comfortable with knit front and back, why not use that? When it says to increase in the row or to increase evenly in the row, I try to distribute the increases [I]approximately [/I]evenly over the row (after all, no one is going to count sts between your increases).


I just worry about the ittle bar the front and back leaves. I might be imagining things, but to my eye it’s quite visible.

KRL and KLL don’t leave a bar. Only KFB does that.

That’s what I like about the KRL/KLL increases. They seem to appear from the previous row without a bar and are not so obvious. Try the KRL on a scrap yarn swatch and see what you think.