Help With Halter (from VOGUEknitting Magazine)

Apparently My previous post was confusing and I am flustered

I am knitting a halter top that knits from the bottom up. I Have completed the Body and the Bodice. Now I am working on the strap. My pattern instructed me to bind off 28 stitches (top of the bodice). Then, Next round: K8, work in rib pattern (k1,p1) for next 116 sts, k8, cast on 60 sts, [B][U][COLOR=“DarkRed”]sl end of rnd marker[/COLOR][/U][/B].

Help!! The only marker the pattern instructed me to use was at cast on (to mark the end of the first round).

My work looks like a tube top with an unattached antenne since my pattern didn’t tell me to join after the cast on of the new 60 sts.

Do I join? If so what do I slip??


I am fairly new to knitting and I am working on my first piece of clothing other than accessories (hats, scarves etc.) and I have run into a snag and I am willing to bet that there is a seasoned/experience knitter out there that can help me.

My current project is a Halter that is found in VOGUEknitting Spring/Summer 2007 on page 82 (the pattern directions are on page 117 if anyone who reads this happens to have this issue). I am on the “Halter Strap Band”. The directions are as follows:

[B]Next rnd K8, work in rib as established, k8, cast on 50 (55, 60, 65) sts, sl end of rnd marker.[/B]

I am confused about the slip end of round marker part. My stitches, since a previous bind off (of 28 stiches) in the bodice and now a cast on (of 60 stitches) in the strap, are not “joined”. So do I join, then slip?? I am just confused and baffled and I don’t have someone I can personally and literally run to for help. Which would be easier because I am sure I am not explaining my self or drawing a clear mental picture for those who might be reading this.

I am so close to finishing this that I am excited and have knitted every moment possible only to run into this speed bump.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or if I am not painting that metal picture clearly enough, please let me know.

-Thank you greatly,

which issue of VK is it, maybe i could have a look at the pattern myself for you? It would help to see the pic…

Thank You for Looking!!

VOGUEknitting Spring/Summer 2007 Cover shown on their website below:

The halter is pictured on page 82 and the pattern instructions are on page 117.

Thank you for your time,

If you put on a marker at the end of the first round that’s the one you slip. Is that all it says? What are the next instructions?


As far as I can tell, it is supposed to be joined. I’ve had a look through the pattern a few times, and at the pic (be great if we could see the back of it, but I’m assuming the back is the ribbed pattern part, the K8’s are either side of the cast off neckline bit, yeah?). Sooo… according to the schematic on the pattern page, it should continue to be knit in the round (hence slipping the end of [B][I]round[/I][/B] marker, and the next line of instructions is the decrease [I][B]round[/B][/I], all hinting to me that it should continue to be knit in the round, even though they haven’t said to ‘join’. I’ve looked to see if there were any corrections for this pattern, but haven’t found any.

I’m guessing from your post that you have done the strap, but you did it back and forth (straight)? Does it look the same as in the pic, or because you have been knitting straight, is it in garter instead of stockinette? And how much of the strap have you knit? All of it? If you’ve managed to keep it stockinette and have completed it, I would just seam that little bit to the front, but if you haven’t gotten too far yet, i would rip it back and start again in the round.

Not sure if I’ve been any help to you, but please ask away if you still need some more clarification.

Oh and [B]Sue[/B] has the slipping marker bit spot on :thumbsup:

Yes, suzeeq,

The next stitch I would work would be the beginning of the row (where I had put that marker in the beginning), Thank you.

Here are the instructions from my line of trouble to the end:

Halter strap band

Next Rnd k8, work in rib as established, k8, cast on 50 (55, 60, 65)sts, sl end of rnd marker.

Next rnd k8, work in rib as established, k8, k 50 (55, 60, 65)sts, sl end of rnd marker.

Next (dec) rnd K2tog, k6, work in rib as established, k6, [k2tog] twice, k to 2 sts before end of rnd marker, k2tog.

Next rnd Work even around

Next (dec) rnd K2tog, k5, work in rib as established, k5, [k2tog] twice, k to 2 sts before end of rnd marker, k2tog.

Next rnd Work even around

Next (dec) rnd K2tog, k4, work in rib as established, k4, [k2tog] twice, k to 2 sts before end of rnd marker, k2tog.

Next rnd Word even around

Next (dec) rnd K2tog, k3, work in rib as established, k3, [k2tog] twice, k to 2 sts before end of rnd marker, k2tog.

Next rnd Word even around. Bind off.

Thank you five_six for your help,

I haven’t “done” the strap. I did the bind off, then the cast on of 60 stitches and now it was no longer joined and then I was puzzled and didn’t want to continue until I knew what to do. I have too much time invested in this halter to mess it up now ;). Like I said, my work looks like a tube top with an antenne (cast on stitches unjoined).

Though both of your inputs are helpful, I am still puzzled and dissapointed I can not just dive back in and finish this.

[B]The next stitch to knit as to join the casted on stitches for the strap would be the beginning of the next round, the one with the marker, YIKES!!!

[U][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Do I slip that first stitch, then join so that I would be working in the round again?? Would that slipped stitch not unravel or look like a dropped stitch???[/B][/COLOR][/U]

Argh, Help

-Thank you all for your time,

After you CO the 60 sts you do join and start working around, because the k8 on the next [B]round[/B] (when it says round, not rows, that’s a good clue you’re working in the round, not back and forth) is the same as on the previous rnd which you cast on the sts at the end of.

I finished this halter but I was disappointed that the strap turned out too small. The body of the Halter fits but the strap pulls the halter to an extremely uncomfortable position under my arms, not to mention that I Have to be a contortionist to get the thing on. I have already “finished” before I could try it on. Meaning, I have cut the yarn and have woven in the ends.

Since the strap was the last part worked on can undo the stitches in the strap and re-work it to make it bigger??

(Thanks for your help. I finally went to a knitting store and asked for help. I now realize I haven’t been using my round markers properly. I was attaching the marker (usually a piece of spare yarn) to a specific stitch where it stayed and not slipping the marker as I came to it in my rounds. So now I understand why the pattern told me to “slip the marker”.)

-Thank you,

Yes, definitely undo the strap and make it larger.