Help with going from waste yarn to main yarn with wyif slip stitch

Hi. Newbie to the forum but not a total beginner at knitting. Trying my hand at a lace knitting pattern. Lots of new stuff in here. Think I have my head round most of it but this seemingly simple early step is totally confusing me…

Pattern says to:
Using waste yarn, cast on 116 stitches. Change to main yarn.

First garter stitch edge:
Row 2 (RS): Wyif Sl 1 pwise, knit to end.

My question is - how do you join the main yarn? I normally tend to introduce it into the next new stitch. However, as the first stitch is a Sl 1, then I am slipping across the waste yarn as my first stitch. I thought the point of waste yarn was to remove it later - so it feels weird to slip one of those across. Also how on earth do you have wyif if you haven’t attached your main yarn?

So I reckon you attach the main yarn first - but to what? And should I be slipping across the waste yarn or the main yarn?

Hope this makes sense to someone, because I am totally confused!

Should add - this is my first go at starting with waste yarn cast on too. So it may be obvious if you are used to that!

Welcome to the forum!
All good questions. It might be best for the first row, not to slip the first stitch. Go ahead and knit the first stitch, complete the row and then follow whatever the next instructions are for the edge sts…

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Thank you

I would take the phrases of “garter stitch edge” and “row 2” to indicate that row one was all knit in main yarn (116 stitches) with no slips.
I would think that waist yarn is not counted as a row.
Does that help?
It would also mean your first row in main color is a (WS) row, because Row 2 was labeled as (RS)

Thank you. Although realised I mistyped and where I have put Row 2, that is in fact Row 1!

I emailed Ravelry and they suggested knitting the first row and then starting slipping in row 2