Help with gauge

Hello. I am attempting to undertake the Quidditch sweater from the book Charmed Knits. I have a problem with my gauge.

It tells me 24 stitches and 30 rows = 4 in. I have to swatch in double rib with #7 needles, measuring with rib slightly stretched. With this, should I be getting 6 stitches to an inch or am I wrong? The pattern calls for Plymouth Encore, and thats what I am using.

I keep getting 5.5 on my stitches, using both 7 and 6 needles. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Gauge can be frustrating to a newbie. Especially the words “slightly stretched.” Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:


Hiya romana,
Ya know what hun? I would just go ahead and do a stockinette swatch just to see what you came up with. It is really hard to measure a moving target!!! But sounds like it should be dk weight yarn to me.
That’s what I would do though just to be doubly sure, and no I wouldn’t bind off the end either, just slip it off the needles when you are done knitting the swatch and let it relax then measure it. That way you can frog the swatch and reroll it back into the ball.:thumbsup:

Try don’t pay too much attention at the recommended gauges. Every knitter\crocheter has her own style. Hence, it is quite possible that your gauge won’t match that one which designer made for her description.

It is much better practice to make your own stitch swatch and using it calculate number of stitches and rows necessary for your sweater.

Here are a few simple rules to calculate gauge:

And an example for calculating rows and stitches for your sweater.

I’m making my first sweater too and have learned swatches can be frustrating BUT do the entire 4 inches and measure the inside 2inches which would be 12 … it’s important too to know how many rows you’ll get also. If the rows are off, it will be too long or too short. It’s unfortunate the designer said slightly stretched. Also from all the gals who do alot of sweaters they really do bind off their swatches and drop it in water. What if it shrinks or stretches out alot. You will have put in alot of time and money for something that will sit in your drawer. I just went to a blocking class last week and she really stressed the importance of doing up a swatch and washing it. In addition, I recently got a DVD on finishing sweaters by Leslie Solomon I think and she really stresses swatches and following through with washing and blocking first. Good luck. Any way to contact the designer?