Help with flower scarf - Problem solved

Hello, I’m doing the flower scarf

I’m stuck after the first flower motif. How do I do the next flower motif?
Do I break yarn after the first motif? It begins to make sense, if it is like that…

Here’s the motif.

1st Round: Work 3ch, 15tr into ring, ss into 3rd ch.

2nd Round: Work 4ch, 2dtr into join, leaving last loop of each dtr on hook, yoh, pull through all sts [cluster made], * 10ch, miss next st, 3dtr cluster in next tr. Repeat from * finishing with 10ch, ss into top of 1st cluster.

Work next flower motif as above to *, 5ch, dc into 10ch loop on 1st motif, 5ch, miss next tr, 3dtr cluster in next tr, 5ch, dc into next 10ch loop on first motif, 5ch. Finish as 1st motif.

Found out how to do it…

That is a very pretty pattern. I hope you show us a picture of yours when you are finished.