Help with first pair of socks

Does anyone know if there is a video for making socks?
I have reach the point of “TURN HEEL”

ROW 1: Purl first 17 sts , P2 tog, P1, turn work.

My problem at this point is that I have a total of 30 stitches on the needle and the instructions only address 20 -how do you turn your work with stitches not worked?

Pattern is : Classic socks by Yankee Knitter Designs

Your help would be greatly appreciated this is not only my first pair of socks but the first time using double pointed needles.

Hiya Always n congrats on your first pair of sox.
As for the turning thing, just flip it like you were knitting flat. Don’t worry bout those 10 stitches for now, they will be addressed later in the pattern. You are working what are called short rows. Rows that don’t go all the way across.
I don’t have the link for silver’s sock tutorial but there are wonderful videos on here that should show you how to work short rows. Try the advanced tab and see what you get.

Amy has a video here under advanced techniques. It helped me with my first successful pair of socks. Silver’s website (also excellent) helped me with the same pair. In addition, watch Amy’s video on the kitchner stitch for the toe. Silver’s website is:
I love both of these tools, and am a sock knitting junkie!!!