Help with finishing shorts


I have a pattern that I am trying to finish making. The pattern says:

Cast off 3 sts at beg of next 6 rows and 2 sts at beg of next 6 rows; work 1 row straight then dec at both ends of next 2 rows; rep last 3 rows 7 times more then dec at both ends of next 2 alt rows. work a few rows on rem 15 sts until work measures 42.

Do I cast off 3 sts, 6 times for each row? and then the second part does it mean I cast off 2 sts for the next 6 rows?
I am a bit confused about the last of about working for 1 row and rep last 3 rows as well which 3 rows would I rep.

Thanks a bunch if anyone can help.

I think it would help if you could tell us how many stitches you have when you begin this part of the pattern so that we can check it all adds up.

I believe you would do:
6 rows where you cast off 3 stitches at the beginning of each row. Total 6 rows, total cast off stitches 18.
6 rows where you cast off 2 stitches at the beginning of each row. Total rows now 12, total cast off stitches 30 (18+12).
1 row straight (follow normal pattern that you have been following, there are no decreases on this row)
Next row decrease at both ends (does it say how many?)
Next row decrease both ends

This is the 3 rows which you do 7 times more, that’s a total of 8 times that you do the work in bold.
Work a row.
Next row is the alternate row so decrease both ends.
Work a row.
Next row is the second alternate row so decrease both ends.
Now you have 15 stitches remaining.
Continue the normal pattern on these until you reach the given measurement.

This might not fully resolve your confusion, but you could check it against the number of stitches you start with, how many are decreased at each stage and then end up with 15.

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Hi Creations,

Thanks so much for replying, there are 81 sts for the pattern. This helps a lot. For the decreases it doesn’t say how many, but it shows that the pattern for the inseam for the crotch is 7 inches. I attached pictures of the pattern, thanks so much again for replying.

unnamed (3) image1 (5)

Yes I think what I have listed works out correctly.
Start with 81, reduce overall by 66 to leave 15.

The decreases are as said, so in blocks of the pattern instruction:
Dec 18 over 6 rows
Dec 12 over 6 rows
Dec 32 over 24 rows (the 3 rows repeated)
Dec 4 over 4 rows
Total 66 decreases

On the 3 rows repeated it will just be 1 stitch each end of the 2 dec rows as the number works out well.
Same with last 4 rows where it says Dec both ends each alt row, it’s just 1 stitch each end.

Hopefully the numbers make sense to you so you can complete your project.

I hope you will post a photo of the finished piece. Good luck with it.



Thanks so much, this helps a lot and yes I will for sure post a finished project once it is done. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hey Creations,

I have gotten stuck again on the second leg of the pattern.IMG_3558

I have finished the first pant leg.
I knitted the 4th row but I am wondering for the next row do I decrease to 67 in the rib panel but how do I add 2 sts to the st? Do I keep decreasing? Also I am a bit confused with the make up & borders, am I suppose to add another skein to make the borders on the leg?

Thanks so much again for the help.

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That’s great news you finished the other leg.
I think before you were making the backs and now you have moved on to the front.

If you look at the picture the front panel does not decrease until it measures 26-27cm so for some time you are working a straight rectangle.
The instructions are where the centre of this piece is patterned with rib stitches and the outer pattern is stocking stitch. The rib is gradually changed to st st to form a triangle shape - but with same number of stitches throughout.

You have the first few rows all in rib. Then you worked 3 rows where the first 3 stitches are stocking stitch and the centre long stretch is rib.
Row 4 has 5 stitches each end in st st
This means the rib has reduced by 4 because the st st increased by 2 at each side (changing from 3 st st in rows 1,2,3 to 5 st st in row 4)
No increases or decreases, just stitch changes.

So, see how you had 3 rows with 3 st st at each end? You will do 3 rows with 5 st st at each end (row 4 is the start of this group of 3 rows,so rows 4, 5, 6).

It says do this change of stitches 4 times more, on following 3rd row:
3 rows with 7 st st each end (rows 7,8,9)
3 rows with 9 st st each end (rows 10,11,12)
3 rows with 11 st st each end (13,14,15)
Row 16, 13 st st each end

Then it says to do the stitch change on every alternate row, 18, 20, 22, 24…
Until you have mostly st st and have just 3 rib stitches left, work 2 rows then change to all st st.

Does it make sense?

Remember to look at your fabric to see where your ribs are to keep your knits and purls in line and keep the correct rib pattern.


I forgot to answer this.
From the bits of pattern I’ve seen it loos like everything is cast off before you start the border. You rejoin the yarn when you pick up stitches along the leg edge. If you haven’t picked up stitches before there are lots of videos to help.
Each part of the border is worked and cast off and then you will sew together at the seams.


THANK YOU :grinning: so much this helps a lot. I really appreciate this. You’re extremely informative, this helps a lot. Thanks again and I will upload when I am done :smile:

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It will be great to see the finished project :grinning:

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Hey Creations,

I finally finished, thanks so much again for helping here is a picture, this is my first knitting project that I have finally done. I did realize that even though the pattern says it is my size, I had to take in the waist a lot LOL. I believe i will have to cut down on the stitches if I make another one. Thanks so much for all of your help, I really do appreciate it :grin:


Well done on finishing your first project! :partying_face:

Did you do a gauge swatch when you started out? It can help you to know if you knit with a tighter or looser tension than the pattern calls for (making the end piece smaller or bigger than expected) and the result of the gauge swatch can help to inform you to move to a smaller needle, rather than fewer stitches.
You can always opt to make a smaller size too of course.

I’m not very experienced so I opt for things where I don’t mind if the size is a bit out.

I made 2 sweaters for my son, different patterns but both in double knitting yarn, both acrylic, both on the same size needles, and both in stocking stitch, selected the same size for each. One came out his perfect size, enough to last a season/year before he grows out of it. The other looks 4 sizes too big! Haha.

You should be really pleased with your shorts. Depending what the yarn is the size might change when you wash them, you could maybe thread some elastic or add a ribbon belt to the waist if they are still too big? Wear them as hipsters?

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Thank you :hugs:

No I did not LOL, I definitely should of did a gauge. It probably is because I didn’t do a swatch. That is very nice and also funny, knitting definitely has a lot to do with size and tension as I am realizing, I’m still trying to learn different ways to knit as well as I know continental stitching isn’t the fastest for everyone so I am trying to learn different styles to see what works best but my hands are use to continental :sweat_smile: .

That is a great idea I will try the elastic, I am proud to finally finish, I had started knitting a few years ago but stopped because I didn’t have as much time but with everything going on I said I would learn again.

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I think a lot of people took up knitting, crochet, crafting during the last year! I had not knitted in 30 years, even then only 2 sweaters when I was a teenager!

I think you could add a knitted band inside the waist and pull some wide elastic through it so it was fully covered in knitting.

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Yes everyone has, it’s really funny to see especially because everyone is enjoying it as well. I think more people are realizing it’s for any age as well. I use to get asked why I was knitting and I would have to say it’s for anyone who wants to do it. Wow but you still have the skills so it’s still good, have been working on anything recently?

That’s sound good I will do that to make it fit better because the seam are literally probably an inch on both sides :joy: and it’s not like sewing where you can cut it off lol.

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I’m really not skilled or experienced but I just know enough about patterns to be able to pass on a little bit of help here and there and if I can help someone get past a tricky part then I’m glad to. Many of us are knitting without a real life mentor so this site is incredible to be able to ask for help rather than get stuck and give up. All the information and online videos are amazing too. I’ve learned a lot from reading peoples questions here.

I have not made much at all. Since starting knitting again I made 2 sweaters for my son(age 10). He loves bright colours and patterns and it’s almost impossible to buy a really colourful sweater for a boy so I did quite a basic easy pattern but let him choose the colours for stripes.
It’s here

And the other is here (I started this kne first but had problems with the yarn so it ended up taking longer and being finished last)

The shop sent me replacement yarn but it was all dyed incorrectly and horrible so I had a hard job of it to make it look clean. There was so much yarn left i made individually knitted feathers and sewed them on to a scarf to make wings for my son, he loves them.

That’s all really, the last couple of weeks just making dishcloths in cotton to try out some different stitches.

Trying to decide what to make next.
What will you make next? Have you started another project?

Maybe wash your shorts before you try to add elastic or a belt as the size may change.
At the end of knittingnyou are supposed to block your work which I am on good at explaining but it is washing, shaping and leaving it to dry so that it holds its shape. Sometimes this alters the size. What yarn did you use, if it’s wool it can shrink where as acrylic won’t, but might get bigger!


Those sweaters are really nice, I love the colours together and it is very true they don’t make bright colours but even the second sweater, a lot of those fits are in style right now. I’ll see if I find some styles on my feed when they pop up but even this style of the purple sweater toopurplesweater. I’m always worried about the dye situations because sometimes they are so different especially when the colours are multiple.

I started working on this beach top I should be done in the next few days, this one was a little bit easier for me sort of I will upload it and show you after that I want to do either a bag or a swimsuit. How about you?

What is blocking? I heard about it, this one is acrylic, I wanted to stay safe just in case it didn’t come out the exact size I wanted.


I’m not the best person to ask, not experienced enough, you could start a new thread or browse through search results though. There are lots of videos available online. Basically it is that your knitting isn’t finished until blocked because the yarn can or will move and change when it becomes wet. Some of the slightly uneven stitches can even out. A lace pattern might be a bit small after knitting because the idea is you wet and gently pull it out and shape it which opens up the pretty pattern and you pin it down so it is at the right size that the pattern said and let it dry naturally. After this I think a natural yarn like wool or alpaca “remembers” its shape so next time you wash it is more easily shaped and dried.
Blocking also makes a piece look more professional, more finished.

I noticed a difference in the sweaters i knitted after washing and drying flat although I didn’t pin them out.
A few of the wash cloths I made looked better after gently shaping and drying flat. They are only wash cloth and don’t need to be pretty but it was for the learning and experience I did it to see the change.

That purple cardigan is amazing, like carrying your bed around!

This is the basis of my current knit. I am using cotton in ecru and white to make covers for food cans (like chopped tomatoes or kidney beans) to use as little planters.
To be honest the size was all wrong on 3 of them but 2 I kept and 1 I pulled out. And I am getting closer to knowing how many stitches to cast on!

There’s a board for sharing your finished pieces, I’m sure others would like to see the photos of what you’ve made too :grinning:


Thank you, I will definitely look into it for sure, it reminded me of the wool hat I started I had finished it but I have to go back and fix it because it’s a balaclava ski hat and the opening ended up being so small LOL so I’ll have to go back and figure out how to fix it but I will have to look into blocking it too. Right it’s the perfect blanket sweater.

These flowerpot decorations are really nice, how many are you going to make?

That sounds good, I will definitely have to post in the board :grinning:

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How’s your beach top going?

I did t manage to follow the pattern as it didn’t fit my pots, but it was a good starting point and I’ve ade a few now. There’s a photo here: