Help with finding a v-neck sweater pattern

I need help finding a v-neck sweater pattern. The sweater needs to be an XXL and I would like it to be a little on the long side. The problem is I’m a beginning knitter and would like a pattern that isn’t too complicated. I like to use larger needles because I am still pretty slow at knitting and the idea of using size 6 needles to make a sweater just plain scares me.
I would love to see any ideas you have for me. THanks!!!

Hi - you might want to check out the patterns here:

Select “Women” from the tabs on the left side, then scroll down to the Bulky V neck Pullover #996

Note: I’ve never knit any of their patterns, but this sounds like what you might be seeking.

Good luck, and have fun!


I think I’m the biggest cheer leader here for knitting pure & simple. The patterns are perfect fro a beginner (or someone like me who has knit for years but still needs EASY patterns :whistle:).

Thanks for the website!
Does anyone know of any free patterns that might meet my requirements?

Some possibilities?
Option for plain stocking st
maybe plain, one color?
not exactly v neck but a nice variation