Help with felted bag please?

Hi all,

I am a new knitter and would like to make a felted bag. I checked out the booda bag pattern and it looks really cool, but not sure I can do all that yet. Also, I have 7oz of realy cool worsted weight handdyed wool I would like to use. Is that even enough for a bag? If so, what size? What about freestyle…I am comfortable with that in crochet but no clue in knitting. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I dont know about the yarn, but why dont you try making a circular patternless bag as Yellow suggested in the other thread for your first project, and give it as a gift if you end up not having a use for it? This will give you a chance to pay attention to how circ needles and knitting sts “work”, and also how the felting process goes.

Have fun with it!

thanks…I am sure I can always find someone to give it to! I think I’ll save this yarn for me though. It just seems to say “spring bag” to me. Maybe it is enough to make a small one.

I’m presently knitting the Booga Bag and the pattern reads more complicated than it actually is although picking up stitches has not been a favorite thing of mine to do! I’m using the Noro yarn called for in the pattern and it takes 3 skeins at 50 gr per skein although I do not have any idea of how to calculate yardage!