Help with fair isle... long tail cast on

I’m following a pattern for a fair isle hat. Its knit flat.

When I first cast on my stitches were too tight so i started again and used long tail cast on… forgetting that it creats a knit row and now I’m confused about which is my RS.

I’m still knitting the ribbed edge.

Should I knit an extra row of rib before starting the ss stitch and pattern or should I start my pattern with a purl row instead of knit row?

I don’t think it matters since ribbing looks the same on either side. Take a look at your ribbing and cast on edge on both sides and choose which side you want to use for the front. Once extra row of ribbing or not will not affect the hat.

BTW…some patterns consider the cast on as the first row, but I don’t and I don’t think most patterns do either.

Thankyou for your response. It’s more when i start changing colours in the pattern I was worried about. I think I’ll do an extra rib row just in case as like you say it won’t make much difference… or maybe even miss a row off.

I’m a little nervous on starting the fair isle as never tried it and it looks quite complicated but you’ve gotta jump in and try these things at some point haven’t you.

As you can tell I’m not completely up on what’s what. I’ve only been knitting since spring this year and self taught from online tutorials; so I’m quite a naive knitter/crocheter.

This is the first time I’ve joined a forum as well; it’s nice to be able to speak to people who know what they’re on about

@KnittingDonna Good for you for trying something new! I’ve been knitting for about 11 yrs now. I love knitting fair isle, but I only knit it in the round. I learned on a hat as you are, but I don’t knit hats flat…always in the round. What pattern are you doing?

There’s a few here I did-

As you can see I usually just do simple designs. I generally make them up as I go along.

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Beautiful hats!
I agree about starting something new. If you never try some of these techniques, you never know if you can do them or not. Maybe you won’t be ready for them but it’s still well worth the attempt and who knows, you may find something wonderful and new.

Jump in Fair Isle isn’t that hard and the results are beautiful. Some people carry one yarn in one hand and one in the other, but I hook one over my middle finger and one over my index and it seems to work. Just remember to relax as you go, or the floats will pull up on you and that’s a real nuisance on a hat.

Beautiful hats Jan :slight_smile:
I’m following a pattern from let’s get crafting knitting and crochet magazine. Its my first hat I’ve knitted (I’ve crocheted a very simple one before) I thought hats would be the first thing I tried knitting in the round (as thats something else in haven’t tried yet) but I loved the colours and design of this hat. So thought might as well give it a shot. I’m not sure what I’ll think of the seam but hoping it won’t bother me too much.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement; I’ll post a picture when I’ve finished (or if it goes completely wrong I’ll post a picture of the mess I manage to make haha)

Glad I came on here; I don’t know anyone who knits so don’t really have anyone to talk to about it

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Completed the first pattern part of the hat. I’m actually really I’m actually really impressed with myself. I can’t upload the picture though :frowning:

The picture may need to be resized. I’m not sure if there is a size limit as yet in here, but click on this and then browse your computer or device.

Needed resizing (4th attempt here lol) at least i know what size it needs to be from now on


Oh, nicely done! That’s looking lovely.

@KnittingDonna gorgeous hat! @Jan_in_CA the light blue cable hat in your Ravelry photos, do you have a pattern for that?

Oh gosh I don’t! I just made that one up, but I’m sure there are similar ones on Ravelry. I think about it and see if I can give you a general idea. It’s been awhile.

Thank you [quote=“Jan_in_CA, post:14, topic:120303, full:true”]

Oh gosh I don’t! I just made that one up, but I’m sure there are similar ones on Ravelry. I think about it and see if I can give you a general idea. It’s been awhile.

Thank you xx

Finished my hat

I’m really pleased with it. Can’t wait to wear it about.

Now I can’t decide whether I should make some matching hand warmers (would have to change a pattern I already have) or make another hat to give away as a gift with the yarn that is left over from it. Decisions decisions.

Can I have a photo of the inside please?

Of course… not the best picture

If I do another one I’d try doing it in the round.

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I wasn’t very good at holding my tention either. I had to drop each yarn and pick up again when using it. I was really worried this would mess the whole thing up so impressed that it didn’t.
Need to work on holding both

Thank you, I thought that is what you would do with the yard (cross it over itself) :slight_smile:

I watched a video on fair isle and the lady was picking each one up and putting it down as well.