Help with EZ's seamless sweater pattern

[COLOR=plum][B]I’ve been reading her book on “Knitting Without Tears” and I have a few questions regarding her seamless sweater patterns.[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=plum][B]1. What’s the difference between a seamless yoke sweater and a seamless raglan sweater?[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=plum][B]2. I don’t understand the hem part, which she has us pick up stitches at the bottom of the sweater and sew it down. How is this different from the usual ribbing at the beginning of most sweaters?[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=plum][B]3. For sleeves, we’re supposed to increase before and after the 3 marked stitches every 5 rounds. She doesn’t say which 3 stitches we’re supposed to mark, so does that mean we’re allowed to choose any 3? (these 3 stitches are for the “vertical underarm line”)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=plum][B]4. If I want to make my sweater using 2 colours in red and orange stripes, how do I do this? Also, how do I make the lines join at the sleeves?[/B][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=plum]Thanks in advance…this is the first sweater I’m making in the round AND my first time using 2 colours[/COLOR][/B]

1- In a yoke sweater, many decs are made across a round, spaced every coupla inches. In a raglan decreases are only made at the sleeve `seams’ every other round.

2- It sounds like a hemmed bottom with the very bottom edge turned up to form a hem, rather than a straight one.

3- It’s the 3 sts which form the end/beginning of a round; the ones that would be at the `seam’ line.

4- I don’t do color changes, someone else will have to explain it.

OK, a yoked sweater has one circular panel around the shoulders–so obvious increase lines. Very often you’ll see sweaters with a pattern around the yoke and plain the rest of the way down.

A raglan sweater has the increases going diagonal from the neck to the armhole, usually made in a way that’s a bit decorative, but always noticeable.

A hemmed sweater is just a different style. You can add ribbing if you prefer it to the hem.

The 3 stitches to increase around is a line that runs from the armpit to the cuff. The increases are worked on either side of that. The center of the 3 would be the center underarm stitch of the sleeve.