Help With Eyelash Yarn

[b][color=red]My daughter is a fan of those “eyelash” scarves … has a couple of them … I in my infinitive knitting wisdom (yeah right) decided to get a couple of balls of Patons Cha Cha multicolored and attempt a scarf since I have yet to finish ANYTHING … I had tried it with one of those nubby type yarns with the doodads on it but they wouldn’t pull thru the stitches with ease … this stuff is easier … I am using circular 8 mm’s …

I have about 2 inches done … when I look at it you can see the stitches, I mean the “eyelashes” are into the stitches in some places (MOST places) … do you kind of pick those out with the needle so you can’t see the stitching? I’m doing straight knit right across.


I am doing scarves with eyelash yarn also.

I rub the stitches that are on the needle back and forth to loosen up the ‘eyelashes’ I also pick at the places where it looks a little bald.

Good luck.

When I first made the scarves with eyelash, I did have to sort of “comb” it to get all the lashes to fluff… or shake it a bit.
You got the right idea! :happydance:

[color=red][b]Works for me!! How many stitches do you cast on and how many inches are you making yours? I have 41 stitches on mine … I think that’s how many I started out with!! :teehee:


Mine is skinny, only 22 stitches, I don’t know how long it will end up being, I’m just using 2 skeins of yarn, when it runs out, I’m done.

I am making 2 of them for my nieces (they are 3 and 6 years old).