Help with drop's baby cardigan pattern

Hi, I’m new here and in very beginner level in knitting. I’m trying my first drop’s pattern for my upcoming baby! But I am stuck :frowning: can anyone please help me with these?

When a total of 4 rows in rib have been worked, continue with diagram M.1 with 6 band sts in garter st towards mid front and 1 edge st in garter st in the side. REMEMBER BUTTON HOLES ON RIGHT BAND - see explanation above. REMEMBER The knitting tension.

WhatI have understood is after i have knitted back and forth full 4 time. Than on 5th row I will start with M1 that is k2 p2 and where should i put band st after how to continue? Sorry for my dumb question.

Pattern is here:

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For the right front, you want to begin by purling across. Then turn and begin the right side (RS) row with 6sts in garter stitch, the ribbing and a final knit stitch. The 6sts are the band and they stay in garter stitch from now on. The single knit stitch is an edge stitch and it stays a knit stitch. After the 4 rows of ribbing, replace the ribbing with the M.1 double moss stitch but continue the 6stitch band and the one knit stitch on the opposite edge.
Darling cardigan.

Thanks you so much salmonmac :slight_smile: I think I got it now. I might need more help later on the pattern. I reallllly appreciate that you took time to explain it to me.