Help with dropped stitches on increase row

Hello, I am a first time poster here so go easy on me, ha. I am knitting my first raglan sweater (featherweight cardi) on Ravelry.
Ok, the problem is that I accidentally dropped the stitch that is right on the part of the shoulder where the increase occurs (the diagonal line at the shoulder). I do not know how to correct this kind of dropped stitch. On regular dropped stitches you just use a crochet hook to pick up the loop and go up the ladder of stitches. But in this case there is not a loop hanging. Help!!! I cannot continue my sweater until I fix this problem. I know that the increase stitches occur only on the knit rows. Does anyone have experience with this problem and a solution? Many thanks in advance.
Jill :frog:

There may be a way to fix it but I doubt it. If there is no loop I don’t think you could get another stitch out of things without it looking distorted even if it was possible. The further back the problem the worse it would be.

If I was you I would just frog it back to there and do it right the next time. If frogging scares you (actually taking it off the needles) you could tink back every stitch over the rows. Slow but sure. This is one of the places patience in knitting comes in. I’ve done it many times. :slight_smile:

No real way to fix it that I know of other than to fudge it. I’d frog it and start over myself.

Yikes, I was dubious about a real fix…looks like its time to go frogging.:hmm: Oh well. Thank you guys for answering. This forum seems really great and I look forward to participating.