Help with dress pattern

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to make 3 stitches in 1 stitch. This is the pattern for the first row:

[B]PATTERN STITCH FOR SKIRT AND SLEEVES (multiple of 4 sts): Row 1:[/B] *In next st K 1, p1, k 1 (3 sts made in 1 st), p 3 tog, repat from * across.

Knit into the stitch as usual but don’t take it off the needle, purl into the same stitch you just knit into but don’t take it off the needle, knit again into that same stitch and [I]then[/I] take it off the needle.

When you are doing the KPK in the same stitch make sure that you remember to pass your thread between your needles and not over it thus making a yo. This is the first step in making bobbles as well, multiple knits and purls in the same stitch.