Help with directions please :-)

Hi. I’m Shelly and I need help with directions. The directions say k1, p1, k1, in the next stitch. When I do it I have to many “loops”. What is correct way of doing this?:roflhard:

Knit a stitch like you normally do, but don’t drop it off your left needle. Move your yarn to the front and purl the same stitch. Yarn to the back again and knit, then drop it off the needle. You’re making 3 stitches out of one. Does that help? :slight_smile:

It is an increase so you are supposed to have extra loops or sts. It is just like knit into the front and back, but one more time (3 instead of just 2). Sometimes the 1 inc is kfb. Maybe it will help you to look at the video of this increase and just remember yours will be one more.