Help with Diagonal Scarf

Hi everyone,

So my diagonal scarf is just about done and looks great. However, I need to finish the last triangle. So that everyone can see what I’m referring to I provide you with the following link: In addition, here is an example of what the completed scarf looks like:

They mention two ways of handling the last triangle that would finish the scarf. I’d almost prefer the second method if it truly does make the last triangular section the same size as the others. However, I’m having trouble following the pattern visually before I knit and I’m looking for a second opinion. Do I begin every row with K1, K2tog?

It seems weird to have the two decreases in the same row. However, I’m wondering if this will sort of fill in the short section to bring that up? Again, just trying to visualize before I potentially mess this up and I can’t picture it.


Yes, the 2 decs fill in the last section. Don’t worry about messing it up, you really can’t. It’s easier to follow the directions with your yarn and needles than try to picture it in your head. If you goof one way, you can take it out and try again.

You were absolutely right - I stopped worrying about picturing it and instead I just knitted and it came out great! Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile: