Help with decreasing hat pattern

first of all thank you for this forum, I hope someone can help me understand this portion of my stocking cap pattern. It’s a heirloom pattern for a “liberty cap”. I am working with 4 dp needles. 100 stitches and I am to the section which starts the decrease. the first row I understand… but after that, i get very confused. Put marker on needle, *(k1, slip 1, k1, psso, k44, K2 tog, k1) put another marker on needle and repeat from *. No problem so far. Here is where it gets tricky. “Decrease this way on each side of the two markers as follows- decrease on every 6th round 2 times, on every 4th round 6 times, on every other round 5 times and on every round working until 4 stitches remain.” thank you in advance for any help

The markers show you where you decrease before and after them. Every time you do a dec row, there will be 2 less stitches. So after the first row, work 5 more rounds then k1 ssk/skp, k42, k2tog, k1 and repeat. Do another 6 rounds and decrease with k40 sts between the decs. Then work 4 rounds and dec with k38 sts. Do 6 dec round every 4 round, then dec every other round 5 times, then every round.

Interesting pattern. I’d love to see the finished cap if you care to post a photo.
I like to write out these decrease rounds and cross them off as I go along. I think it will help too to use 2 different color markers so that you remember which is the beginning of round. You’ll decrease on rounds 6,12; 16,20,24,28,32,36; 38,40,42,44,46; and then47,48,49,50 etc until there are 4sts left.

Awesome help. Thank you so much.
This helped so much.

I will be happy to post a pic when complete