Help with Decrease in a Ribbed Hat Pattern

It’s a simple four-stitch pattern, which is nice and bunchy and soft for a scarf I made. Now I want to make a matching hat, but am not sure how I should work in the decrease. The pattern, in rounds, is as follows:

Round 1: [k3, p1] repeating
Round 2: [p1, k1, p2] repeating

I would like to maintain the ribbed pattern all the way to the top of the hat, but am not sure how to do the decrease without ruining the ribbing, and not sure whether the type of decrease should be a k2tog or some sort of more exaggerated slanting decrease. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. General tips of decreasing ribbing would also be helpful, as I’m sure I’ll want to make other ribbed and patterned projects that use decreases!

Thank you!

I since your ribbing is fairly wide in the knit part every other row, that’s where I would decrease. And each decrease row, I would change where I do the decreases. i.e. If I decreases in ribbing number 1, 5, and 9 the first time, when I go to decrease two rows later I would decrease in ribbing number 2, 6, and 10. Does that make sense. And then just adjust the p1k1p2 rows to match the decreases, but using them as the knit one round even sections that you would normally do. I hope that helps some.