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Hi. I am new to this forum and am hoping someone can help. I have been knittting on and off all my life but am used to following patterns that are set out in full. I have recently purchased and downloaded a pattern for a hooded pram cocoon and am baffled by the pattern. Would it be easier to copy the whole pattern and post it here? Many thanks for any help. Thanks. Debbie.

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We’ll be happy to try and help. Don’t post the whole pattern or even a large part of it here though because of copyrights. You can give us the name of the pattern and a few rows that are causing the problem however.

Thanks so much salmonmac. Here is some of the pattern below. It is a hooded cocoon for a pram. It is not the stitches I’m concerned about but the very basic instructions it just doesnt make sense! Like for instance it says cast on 64 stitches but then the first row pattern to me doesn’t make 64? Also when it says “The first st of each row is a selvedge st. ie knit the first and last st of each row to give a garter stitch” doesn’t that contradict itself? It says the first stitch of each row by then says i.e knit the first and last stitch! So is it just the first or the first and the last? The next puzzle is the first stitch is knit 1 but is that the selvedge stitch or in addition to? I have never seen such basic instructions for a pattern. Thanks for taking the time to look. This is for my grandson so really want to give it a bash. Debbie.

The first row adds up to 64sts (including the 2 selvedge stitches) and is worked as:
k1, 12st cable, k13, 12st cable, k13, 12st cable, k1
Knit the first and the last stitch in every row.

All we really need is the set up row:
“Each row is set up as follows: K1, 12 st cable, 13 st in ss (twice) 12 st cable, K1.”
Would you please edit out everything else from the pattern (because of copyrights)? You can use the small pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit. Many thanks.

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Wow you are a superstar. Thanks so much for making sense of all that! I certainly will edit all the rest out. Thanks again. Excited now to get started. Debbie

Hi it’s me again. In the 12 stitch cable repeat as bellow. I don’t understand row 3. There only appear to be 8 stitches not 12? What am I missing? There are 12 stitches in row 1 but not in row 3? Feeling very bemused! Many thanks. Debbie

12-Stitch Cable Repeat: (12 stitches and 8 rows)
Row 1: P2, K8, P2
All even rows: work sts as they present
Row 3: P2, C2B, C2F, P2
Row 5: repeat row 1
Row 7: repeat row 1

C2B and C2F are shorthand for the cables which are 4sts each. Likely hold 2sts to the back, k2, k2 from cable needle (C2B) and hold 2sts to the front, k2, k2 from cable needle (C2F). Your pattern may define the cables somewhere at the beginning or maybe at the end of the pattern.

Thanks for the speedy response. Beginning to think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew but I like a challenge lol I may very well be back. Thanks again.

Oh, come back anytime. You have us all for backup!

it’s not you, the pattern could be clearer - IMHO

Could you please send name and source patterb for pram cacoon pattern thx

It might be this one:

Is that it?

That sure does look like a good possibility, but she said it was a purchased pattern. Hope she didn’t pay for something she could have gotten for free! Anyway, thanks for posting this link; it’s an intriguing design. I’ve saved it for “future reference.” If this is the right pattern, it sure helps to have the picture to look at.

Hi again. I’m still looking for a good updated error free copy of a pattern.
Blue Ridge vest by Dana Matuskey. I made this once there are many errors in the magazine copy. It doesn’t copy well n much is cut off. This type pattern was given to me when I purchased yarn. The shop owner is no help. She’s the only one around for about 40 miles. Please help if you can thx