Help with deciphering a knitting pattern

I am a novice knitting, attempting to make my second sweater for my son. Now i am stumped on the first couple of rows of directions. So far i have two questions:

Does P1; *k2,p1; rep from * mean “to purl one then knit 2, purl one until the end of the row”?

What does Inc: Rib 2[5,3]; * m1, rib 7[7,6]; rep from * to the last 3[6,4]. 106 sts mean?

I would be soooo grateful for help!!!

As there are no knitters amongst my family and friends, i am a lonely knitter:muah: :muah:

Welcome to the forum!
Yes, p1, then repeat k2, p1, k2, p1, k2 etc.
“Rib 2” for example, means to work 2 stitches in rib, then increase. So rib 7 would mean to work 7 stitches in the rib pattern. Usually this instruction shows up when you change from ribbing to the body of the sweater. The precise number of sts between the increases isn’t as important as spacing out the increases across the row.
The different numbers that are given (Rib2(5,3) for example) are for different sizes. Circle or highlight your size. The number at the end is the new total number of sts.
You now have lots of friends here who are happy to help.

Thank you soooo much!!! I really appreciate your help!!!

Warning: i will probably be back for more :wink: