Help With Debbie Bliss Pattern

I’m knitting “The Little Vintage Smock” out of the Debbie Bliss "The Seventh little Sublime hand knit Book " and do not understand the 6th row, please help. It is the first decrease row after knitting the ribbing of the back of the coat. There are 95 sts on row 5.

6th Row. (decrease row) P10 (8:6:4), p2tog, (p3 (4;5;5), p2tog) 10 (10,10,12) times, p11 (9:7:5). 62 (68:74:82) sts.

HI and welcome.

This is darling! After you work the first part repeat (p3 (4;5;5), p2tog). For the smallest size that would be p10, p2tog then (p3, p2tog) 10 tmes. You should then have the number of stitches shown - 11 for the smallest size - which you will purl.

Thank you very much!!

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The pattern is sooo lovely!
I hope we get to see a photo when you’re finished.

Thanks so very much for your help in the past with this pattern.!
I have run into another step in the pattered that I am confused on and am hoping you might be able to help me.

I have knit the two fronts up to the shape armhole row and each time I have tried to continue the shaping in on the wrong side of the fronts. After trying twice on each front I decided I need an experts help.on each front I decided I need an experts help.


Thanks very much.


The fronts are defined as you would wear them. So for the left front, The decrease row before the Armhole shaping is a wrong side (WS) row, a purl row. The armhole shaping begins on the right side row (RS), a knit row. The first dec, a k2tog is as the armhole edge. It would be good to mark this edge if you haven’t already.
The pattern stitch (twisted rib) will be at the end of the row, near the neck edge. Is that what you’re getting for the left front? Which size are you making?

I am making the size 2-3. I will try it again and see if I have made a mistake with the decrease row before the armhole shaping being done on the wrong side. Attached is a better copy.

Thank You!

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Thank you for the photo. The directions for the set up before the armhole shaping are the same for the 2 sides. End after a knit row, decrease on the purl row. The difference is in the armhole shaping. On the left front the armhole is at the beginning of the row. On the right front the armhole is at the end of the row.
Good luck with it and come back if it’s still not working out. It is a darling pattern.